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17/04/2014 / Arduino, MaxMSP

Some seven months ago Squarepusher and WARP records released a video titled Z-Machines, comprised of hand built robots showcasing the stupendous chops of the robot guitarist, drummer and keyboard player.
    can-out-thumb copy

16/04/2014 / HOLO

Out Now: HOLO 1 (CAN’s very own magazine)

    After more than a year of work, CAN’s print-spin off is now headed around...
    Mirage by Ralf Baecker_03 copy

16/04/2014 / Events

Mirage – An optical projection apparatus by Ralf Baecker / LEAP

    Created by Ralf Baecker and produced by the LEAP gallery in Berlin, Mirage is...
    NS_Randy2_cc copy

16/04/2014 / Cinder, iOS

Nid & Sancy – The Cut up Jeans Technique iOS app

    The Cut up Jeans Technique is an iOS app that plays the new album...

10/04/2014 / Advertorial

LIA talks with StillReel about her work

    Leading Austrian digital artist, LIA is one of the 13 artists currently showing their...
    macrofilm-pangenerator_11 copy

16/04/2014 / Arduino, openFrameworks

Macrofilm – A Tangible Narrative Ribbon by panGenerator

    Created by the panGenerator collective, Macrofilm is a permanent interactive installation for The Museum...
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14/04/2014 / Featured, Tutorials

Guide to Projectors for Interactive Installations

    Video projectors are one of the most important tools for creators of interactive installations....
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14/04/2014 / iOS, openFrameworks

Wake Up With the World – Collaborative, musical, waking experience

    Wake Up With the World is a an iOS application that turns your wake...
    etcpp_lafkon_07 copy

21/03/2014 / Processing

etcpp – Drawing animation using a pen plotter and granular matter

    Created by Lafkon, etcpp is an animation created using Processing and a Pen Plotter...
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