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22/07/2014 / Featured, Processing, Tutorials

Through an inspiring tutorial with 26 code examples Amnon Owed shows you how to use Processing to explore the creative possibilities of generative typography.
    FRAMED coloured copy

FRAMED* – Canvas for the art of our generation

    Every once in a while a project comes along that will change how we...
    icondobetter copy

21/07/2014 / iOS, openFrameworks

Icon do better – Exploring emergent property of exchanging symbols

    Created by Ed Burton, Icon do better takes on a smart social twist of...

09/07/2014 / Advertorial

push.conf is back for a unique blend of innovative interactions and user experience!

    For the third time, Munich will be all about the combination of interface...
    Giving More to Gain More_02 copy

18/07/2014 / Events, Objects

Giving More to Gain More (2014) – Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen

    A series of aluminium structures with programmable LED strips, constructing fragments of text that...
    Keplers_Dream_06 copy

16/07/2014 / Objects

Kepler’s Dream – Mixing digital aesthetics and the otherworldly

    Kepler's Dream is an aesthetics exploration investigating analog projection in combination with computationally created...
  • Retroscreen
  • Interactive incarnation designed for the iPad and iPhone

    Screenshot 2014-07-18 11.01.33
    Displayce is a series...
    This open call –...
    Following in the footsteps...
    Screenshot 2014-04-29 17.08.22
    As part of a...
    Screenshot 2014-04-29 17.04.10
    Google’s self-driving cars are...
    Screenshot 2014-04-22 17.50.59
    Tether is an interactive...
    Made with Cinder. 40,000 virtual...