Month: October 2008


Forester [Mac, Windows]

Forester is a sound/composition generator visualized using Tree analogy. Built using MaxMSP, Forester allows you to load a number of samples and navigate them as you would a forest to create sound composition. You start by selecting your samples/sounds, loading them into the app and then selecting tree size and distribution method. As you navigate the ‘forest’ sounds attributed […]


TBeta [Mac, Windows, Linux]

The Beta, tbeta for short, is a open source/cross-platform solution for computer vision and multi-touch sensing. It takes an video input stream and outputs tracking data and touch events that are used in building multi-touch applications. The app is available for Windows, Mac and Lunux operating systems. There is also a number of example flash […]


Loopy Laboratory [iPhone]

Loopy Laboratory is a puzzle game about a girl called Lara. She’s been locked away in the laboratory of the evil Dr. Heissenbad. It is your job to help Lara escape the laboratory and reach safety. Dr. Heissenbad’s lab is divided into 50 unique rooms, each filled with deadly traps and mindbending puzzles. To exit […]


Mixin [WebApp]

Mixin let’s you share your daily agenda, say where you’ll be, what you’ll do, make propositions or say that you’re available. You can do it from your current calendar application, by Email, SMS, IM or via twitter. If you are using Twitter, Mixin watches your updates and recognizes ‘plans’. Mixin gives you few suggestions about your next […]


Pulsar: Interactive Particle System [iPhone]

Pulsar is a particle generation application allowing you to create some truly wonderful animated compositions. From simple cubes to complex geometries there is something for everyone. When we first tried the app we ended up spending about an hour trying out variations. What is also interesting about Pulsar is that even though the graphics you are […]


Record [iPhone]

Record is a voice application for your iPhone to record notes, messages and thoughts. One of the first recorder applications in the AppStore, Record provides you with everything you would expect from a voice recorder for the iPhone. Have a look at our video guide of features below. Features: • Launch and shake to start […]


Twitter Friends on a Map [Pipes]

Here is a great way to display your twitter friends on your blog or your website. Using Yahoo Pipes Andy M has created pipes that allow you to visualise your friends or followers on a Yahoo map. There are two pipes to choose from, one for your Twitter followers (requires your Twitter password and you’ll need to […]


12seconds [WebApp]

 12seconds is a relatively newcomer in the world of social networking. Currently in private alpha, 12seconds brings together the concept of miniblogging (twitter) and video recording. Utilising flash video, it allows you to record 12 seconds of yourself and post for other users to comment. Similar to twitter but instead of posting 140 characters, you post 12 seconds […]


Blow Up [Flash]

Blow Up is a flash application that allows you to view your Flickr photos in a whole new way. Simply enter your (or any) flickr username into the box below to view public photo albums. Your photos load full screen, giving you albums and photos navigation menu at the top. You can also get your own […]


LED Basketball [iPhone]

If you love retro gaming then LED B-Ball is the one for you. How much simpler can a game get. Pass the ball around and shoot to score but trying to avoid blocks. Interface is absolutely wonderful and brings back a lot of memories of  old school gaming. Even the buttons have been made 3D to imitate old plasticky buttons […]


Camouflage [Mac]

Do you find that no matter how hard you try your mac desktop always seems to get cluttered with dozens of icons, screengrabs, links, folders?  Instead of tolerating your messy desktop until you find time to clean up, why not just hide all the icons? This is where Camouflage comes in. Camouflage is a menu item that when clicked hides […]


Dopplr [WebApp]

Dopplr is an online tool for frequent travelers. The idea is simple. You enter your travel details, city, dates, description and you can share that data with your fellow travelers and friends. Adding a trip is easy. Just fill in the destination. You can use place names, airport codes or even postal codes, and Dopplr […]