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31/01/2009 / iPhone

iAttractor is an iPhone application allowing you to generate dynamic three-dimensional Attractor forms you can navigate and alter. An attractor is a term used to describe a set to which a dynamical system evolves after a long enough time. Points ...

29/01/2009 / Games, Linux, Mac, Windows

British developer team UglyApps seem to have been cooking up all kinds of stuff at their little studio lately. This includes realtime shadows running on the iPhone as well as Pulse, a freeware game they've been working on over the past week ...

27/01/2009 / iPhone

Obscura Digital is a San Francisco based creative agency continually generating new forms of experiential marketing for clients around the world. Using proprietary software including patented motion-triggered and multi-touch screens they have created pieces that allow people to interact in unique ...

26/01/2009 / iPhone

BuddyFeed is a recent addition to FriendFeed client apps for iPhone and iPod touch. Probably the most featured client, BuddyFeed is what you would expect from an app to browse latest activities of your friends and groups on FriendFeed. Although Mother Feed, webfeedr and Nambu ...

25/01/2009 / Flash, iPhone

Takayuki Fukatsu has just released a free Windows and Mac OS X app called QuadAnimator, built in Flash, that can turn your multi-shots created using QuadCamera in to animated GIF's. We have reviewed QuadCamera few days ago and found it a perfect ...

25/01/2009 / iPhone

With over a 100 clock apps in the AppStore it may be hard to decide which one you should to go for. Although many of them tell you about time, in a million different ways, from old clock to digital, ...

24/01/2009 / Games, iPhone

Jetset is a game about air travel with a satirical take on the incredible amounts of stress we go through at the airports. As today's regulations change frequently and are often different from airport to airport and security staff increasingly interpret regulations how they like, Jetset puts you in ...

20/01/2009 / WebApp

Deskography is a simple little service where you upload photos of your desk. Already incredibly popular on many sites' forums, it is very apparent that people love sharing where they work and what set-ups they have. This is not just because to ...

19/01/2009 / iPhone

NANO is an intuitive and addictive puzzle game created by artist / musician Adrian Johnson (Rustcycle). You slide your finger across the screen to "paint" the flow of the particles through the magnetic field. The six different particle types have ...

16/01/2009 / iPhone

ToyCamera is a simple photo application that turns your iPhone into a fun toycamera. Created by Takayuki Fukatsu (iTunes link)it's his prime photo app for taking quick pics and applying quick photo effects. First released in October last year and most recently 2.01 version, ...

15/01/2009 / Theory

"History of the Internet" is a fantastic animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet. The history is told using the PICOL icons on , which are available for download soon. On you can get news ...

15/01/2009 / Flash

A project done in collaboration with google in the form of a series of data visualization concepts. The sketches below are are all based around a concept of aggregating and visualizing online media buzz across various social media outlets. Working in ...

14/01/2009 / iPhone

QuadCamera is a new addition to the range of small camera apps created by Takayuki Fukatsu. Simple to use, the app takes 4-8 serial shoots and create one image. What makes QuadCamera great is that it's a fantastic tool to get ...

13/01/2009 / iPhone

The iPhone's built-in accelerometer has created a world of opportunities for developers to create applications that are engaging, creative, innovative and fun. Here we bring you 10 creative ways the accelerometer has been used, from games to photography, music and ...

12/01/2009 / iPhone

SandScapes is a particle generator for the iPhone. Included are 8 different types, some interactive and some to sit back and enjoy. The interactive modules allow you to tilt and turn your iPhone or iPod Touch to move the falling ...

09/01/2009 / WebApp

Permatime allows you to share any point in time with people in different time zones. If you ever found yourself lost in calculating what time is say 8pm going to be in different zones or you are trying to arrange a ...

08/01/2009 / Air

ColorBrowser is a simple way to create and organise your favorite color palettes. Sets of colors are easily viewable in a clean interface. Edit them, rearrange them, create new sets, make them your own. The app is cross-platform using Adobe's AIR technology. You begin with ...

07/01/2009 / Processing

Created by Julian Vidal, Pixel Snow is a processing script enabling real time snow dynamics by drawing objects and letting snow fall on them. You can adjust density of the snow as well as speed it falls. In addition you are able to ...

05/01/2009 / iPhone

Already available for Mac and PC, Passage is more of an art project than what may be assumed at first, a game. This is most probably because it's visual appearance is reminiscent of old school 16 bit pixel based platform games. Once loaded ...

04/01/2009 / Games, iPhone

Edge is an award winning platformer available for the iPhone. The task is to control your cube across ever changing isometric environment with a number of puzzles to solve and obstacles to avoid. What may appear as a puzzle at ...

02/01/2009 / Games, iPhone

Similar to Touch Physics, a game for the iPhone available in the AppStore for some time, Crayon Physics is a new addition to the games incorporating physics and drawing. What makes Crayon Physics special is that instead of just focusing on the creation ...

02/01/2009 / News

Submissions for our Mini WeeWar contest are now closed and we have the winners! Each winner will be receiving a free  3 Month subscriptions to! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest, there were many great entires it was ...

01/01/2009 / News

From all of us at CAN, we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! May the new 2009 bring you a lot of 'appiness, success and prosperity! Have a great year all!