Month: February 2009


One Rule [iPhone]

From time to time an app appears in the AppStore that draws your intention in beyond the eye candy, fancy menus or text that has been perfected to a point where each character has been considered over and over again.  There aren’t many apps like this in the AppStore and I am sure that not […]


Plainview [Mac]

Plainview is a full-screen web browser built using Cocoa and WebKit for Mac OSX. Perfect for presentations or websites or just fast, focused browsing without anything else getting in the way. Whilst it does not include tabs, multiple screens are available. By pressing the known Command+T on the keyboard will bring up a bezel showing your other […]


Tags [iPhone]

Tags lets you browse bookmarks in style. Explore your bookmarks with the animated tag cloud or discover new websites in your network, inbox or popular bookmarks. Inspired by the concept of tag clouds, top interface on the main screen provides an engaging way to browse your bookmarks in a way different to the linear type scrolling we […]