Month: July 2009


Body Paint [openFrameworks]

“Body Paint” by Mehmet Akten is an interactive installation and performance allowing users to paint on a virtual canvas with their body, interpreting gestures and dance into evolving compositions. Custom software analyzes live feed from infra-red cameras in real-time, and converts shape and motion into colors, drips and brush-strokes. The software was written in C++ […]


Fontplore [Processing, Environment]

Fontplore is an interactive application designed for searching and exploring font databases.Fontplore helps you to easily find the right typeface for your project in a collection of several thousands of fonts. It lets you browse, preview, compare and print the fonts you are interested in. The interactive table is an implementation of the reacTIVision system […]

Let It Sleep [iPhone]

Just like Beatles song “Let it be” and Akira Kurosawa’s Movie “Dreams” there are a lot of works which were inspired by the dream. “Let It Sleep” records you talking in your sleep. Turn “Let It Sleep” on and sleep, and it detects and records your talking in sleep automatically. Check out the record next morning, see […]


WriteRoom Now with WebApp Sync [iPhone, WebApp]

There are currently many note taking apps available in the AppStore. Apple has also finally added note syncing between and with the iPhone 3.0 software release. For me, WriteRoom has been my writing tool of choice but with the latest update to the iPhone app, Writeroom is distraction free writing at it’s best. […]


Zio [iPhone] – in Development

Glenn Marshall has just posted latest update on the development of his upcoming iPhone app “Zeo”. Half screensaver, half machine, Zeo is an interactive growing mechanism, a piece of generative art. Using his ‘Zeno’ algorithm (metamorphosis), Zeo is Glenn’s journey into C++/Objective C, and getting familiar with the Xcode IDE. He describes development stages including […]

X3 Studios - Digital Branding - Interactive Media

The Wallpaper Application [WebApp]

X3 Studios just launched The Wallpaper Application, web-application that allows anyone to create personalized wallpapers on the fly. You begin with a simple background and from the left hand side menu you can choose a number of graphics elements you want to add. These can be scaled, coloured and rotated all with drag and drop. Text is […]


Space Invaders Infinity Gene [iPhone]

Space Invaders Infinity Gene is now in the AppStore! Exactly what we hoped for, the game is absolutely incredible. I have now reached sector 3 and the game is getting seriously more difficult. I have collected three weapons; rapid fire, seeker and wave and for now feel most conformable with the first. I can see […]


(re)map [Flash]

reMap by displays the multitude of visualization projects featured on The interactive flash navigation that shows relations among the individual projects by common tags in the form of large and smaller thumbnails. As you select the project to read about, other related projects are re-organised to show you most relevant others. A wonderful new […]


Fluid Motion Painter [iPhone]

A new addition to the ever growing collection of particle emitters for the iPhone, Fluid Motion Painter is a new release by David Hoe with a considerable amount of features to create and modify particle effects. Apart from what you would expect, and we have seen a number of apps incorporate elements like colours and stroke […]


WireDraw [iPhone]

Inspired by Rhonda or just a slight coincidence, WireDraw is a drawing applications on the iPhone that allows you to draw lines in three dimensions. Using iPhones built in accelerometer, you draw lines on a invisible rotating cylinder. You can adjust the line thickness, colour, intensity the cyclinder rotates (accelerometer), add grid for reference and […]