Month: September 2009

Dad 1.0 [News]

Just a quick note and apology for the lack of posts in the last few days. Yesterday, early in the morning, 5.10am, my daughter Mia Katarina Visnjic was born. My wife is quickly making a recovery after 26 hour labor and I am hoping for her to be discharged later today. Once we are home […]


Squareball [iPhone, Games]

Squareball is a Arkanoid style arcade action game with simply beatiful minimal interface and cool retro graphics, music and soundFX. It includes 20 stages spread across 5 worlds in this first adventure with a new twist to Arkanoid gameplay. Instead of  shifting left and right you are panning across a level avoiding obstacles in your way and […]


xylobot [Java]

Created for the Berlin Music Hack Day, held on September 18-20 at Radialsystem V by Ramsey Arnaoot and Robb, Xylobot is a monome controlled Xylophone with a custom Java app that receives midi data from the step sequencer and controls the Arduino over a serial connection. The board then triggers the servos to hit on the xylophone. The whole […]


The Snail on the Slope [Processing]

The Snail on the Slope is a generative movie based on a book of the same title by Strugatsky brothers. The novel is set on an unknown planet, where humans have a base from which they are investigating and trying to conquer the Forest. The Forest, which is a huge single organism is constantly changing […]


MinMe [iPhone, Games]

Created as part of last month’s Experimental Gameplay Project, Chaim Gingold‘s MinMe is a response to the theme “bare minimum”. Made in 1.5 days, MinMe is a clean, minimal puzzler with 10 levels. The former Spore developer notes that if enough people like and download this game, he’ll happily expand it. Clean, fun, free, engaging with […]


It’s about the .™ [iPhone, Games]

Few weeks ago I caught up with Mills of ustwo to talk about iPhone development. ustwo have been sponsors of CAN for quite a while now but besides them being a ‘successful’ bunch they are really interesting creative studio. I thought it would be great to get some insight into the thinking and working of […]


Clock Apps by Kenichi Onodera [iPhone]

Created by Kenichi Onodera is a range of clock apps for the iPhone created/styled by a number of illustrators/artists from Japan. All apps are free and each one is as wonderful as the other. Artists include: jobin, rocketdesign (Shingo Kikuchi), Kaori Kojima, Minami Mabuchi, Tamas, Ryo Ueda, Baku Maeda and more. They are all unique, iconic […]


Graphic Designer Toolbox [Mac]

Created by Simon Strandgaard, Graphic Designer Toolbox is an alternative graphics editor. Instead of manipulating graphics directly as you do in Photoshop, in GDT you build blocks for bitmap and vector manipulation. Not too dissimilar from Quarz Composer, GDT allows you to create generative artworks using visual object based programming. It’s all created realtime, non destructive and easy […]


The HyperCard Legacy [Theory, Mac]

In 1963, my dad was looking for a job. Born in England and raised in Africa, he ended up in London after a few years of travel by ship and train. In those pre-pre-Craigslist days, people still searched for employment in newspapers, and an unusual listing in a London Newspaper caught his eye: a listing […]


STOC [Processing]

STOC is a data visualization of the S&P 500 from the NYSE programmed in Processing. Each circle in the visualization represents one of the stocks in the S&P, with characteristics of each visualizing different data points for each. There is a legend in the project that will explain the relationships between data and visuals, as […]


Time Fkuc [Flash, Games]

Very popular on the interwebs and rightly so is the new game by Edmund McMillen called Time Fkuc. If you haven’t tried it yet, make use of this lovely Sunday eve to shift few dimensions in this awesome new platformer + all for free. Time Fcuk Read also about the background of Time Fcuk on Digital Tools (via digital […]