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31/10/2009 / Flash

Created by Branden Hall & Joshua Davis, HYPE is a creative coding framework built on top of ActionScript 3. A major goal of HYPE is to allow newcomers to Flash and ActionScript to creatively play and express themselves while they are learning ...

31/10/2009 / Inspiration

There have been many 'projection' projects recently but this morning I came across 1024. Created by Francois Wunschel and Pier Schneider (2 founders of EXYZT group), 1024 works on the interactions between 1024 Dimensions: Space, Sound, Visual, Light, Body, Architecture, ...

30/10/2009 / Games, Windows

Designed and developed collaboratively by Polytron and Kokoromi for Gamma3D, Super Hypercube is a game of falling blocks built with support for red/cyan 3D glasses, and wiimote headtracking. Super Hypercube is a game about holes, and the cubes that love them. It ...

29/10/2009 / Games, iPhone, Sound

You wouldn't normally read about Rock Band on CAN but it has been released for the iPhone and Joe Bowers would rather have something play it for him and so would we! The light sensor sends data to an Arduino, which ...

28/10/2009 / iPhone, Java, Sound

Described as the world's first global live iPhone jam...Daisyphone lets you co-create short loops of music with your friends, over the net in real-time. Created by Nick Bryan-Kinns, Lead of the Interactional Sound and Music Group at the Centre for Digital ...

28/10/2009 / Featured, WebApp

"Where is your art" is a kinetic sound installation created by András Juhász Márton, Melinda Matúz, Gergely Kovács and Barbara Sterk. Once a visitor enters the room hacked toy robots start to chat about art, reading the most recent lines ...

27/10/2009 / News

We would like to thank our loving sponsors for enabling us to deliver such great content for our readers. Please take a moment and visit their websites for some great products and offers. Why Advertise on CreativeApplications.Net? CAN is always seeking site ...

26/10/2009 / openFrameworks

Built with openFrameworks, Alex Beim and Tangible Interaction keep on making the graffiti wall better and better. This is a little demo of the new stencils function they have added together with new interface to load brushes (spray paints). The ...

26/10/2009 / Inspiration

Karl Klomp ('79 - NL), media artist - vj - theater technician. His research focus on live audiovisual expressions and interfacing with a fasination for glitch-art, hyperkinetic audio visuals and glitch grabbing. Dealing with video circuit bending, frame grabbing, hardware ...

25/10/2009 / Inspiration

Peripetics or the Installation of an Irreversible Axis on a Dynamic Timeline Zeitguised made a piece in six acts for the opening exhibition at the Zirkel Gallery. It entails six imaginations of disoriented systems that take a catastrophic turn, including the ...

24/10/2009 / Environment

Bus-Tops is a London based project which was shortlisted and now won the Artists Taking The Lead fund, a collaboration between the Arts Council and LOCOG . The project intends to install a number of LED displays on the roof’s of Bus Shelters ...

24/10/2009 / Games, iPhone

AppStore now counts about 500-800 daily releases/updates and with the recent news about Flash developers joining the ride, finding exciting new releases in the AppStore is going to become increasingly difficult. This is why rely on other blogs to get ...

24/10/2009 / WebApp

Eyebrowse is an add-on for firefox and a webapp brought to you by MIT CSAIL that lets you easily record, visualize, and share your trails through the web in real-time. Tell eyebrowse what sites to track, browse away and compare. ...

23/10/2009 / openFrameworks

ImageWorthy is a project by Steve Varga to visualize New York Times Newswire API. ImageWorthy takes the past 500 articles posted to the New York Times online and searches for articles which contain images. These images are only available in 75pixelx75pixel thumbnails, so ...

23/10/2009 / iPhone

ZOOMICA is an interactive clock app consisting of colorful digits that elegantly spin and expand revealing time. The conventional stopwatch and alarms are replaced by a fast and accurate beat counter. The hours are displayed spinning clockwise, while the minutes are shown ...

22/10/2009 / Games, iPhone

Coloroll is a simple but beautiful color matching game brought to you by soulbit7. You start with the base colors that are the root of the game. From these three colors, Coloroll suggests a target color. Your goal is to match the mixing ...

22/10/2009 / Inspiration

Handdrawn audio-responsive video exploration by Belgium based Gwen Vanhee. See also his Flickr + Vimeo + make sure you watch the video below at HD. Audio: Amon Tobin - El Cargo via Flightpattern - CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.

22/10/2009 / Processing

Karsten Schmidt aka Toxi (PostSpectacular) has just posted source and the app used to create this year's onedotzero festival identity in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy.  The code allows you to modify most of the functionality of the app, ie insert your ...

21/10/2009 / Flash, WebApp

Íonz have created an online tool to generate a simple infographic, a map of your personality and represents your relation in the universe of people that have also created theirs. You can customise the colors, layout and output as a ...

21/10/2009 / iPhone, Sound

From the creators of iOSC, an iPhone application that can communicate with other compatible hardware and software nodes on your network, come two new sound application: Powon and NNN Mono. Considering Powon is a free app, this makes it a must ...

20/10/2009 / Windows

Qubicle is a standalone Windows software for creating 3D pixel-art. It combines standard 2D image editing tools with a powerfull function-set for editing 3D cube-matrices. The tools used in the Qubicle Constructor are familiar to users of common image editing tools ...

19/10/2009 / iPhone, openFrameworks

Not particularly well animated nor programmed, Mobile Runner is more of a proof of concept than anything else. What it also shows that you don't have to develop an awesome app / interface to engage. It is the imagination that ...

18/10/2009 / Processing, Sound

Multi Touch Sound Storm is a project by Subcycle Labs, the work of Christian Bannister a musician, designer and developer located in Portland, Oregon. A visual, multi touch interface to interact with sound combining beat slicing, granual effects, navigate the ...

17/10/2009 / WebApp is a new and simple service for collecting and sharing lists with links, developed by Martin Ström and Konst & Teknik. Similar to delicious, allows you to create links to things you like, to share or just to keep. Think ...

17/10/2009 / Inspiration

Wonderful 'experimental animation' by Andrew Morev. You can see more of his work here and on vimeo here. (via Looks like good Design)

16/10/2009 / Games, iPhone

Inspired by Arkanoid, Mr Bounce is the new game from Pixelate and Space of Play with music and sound effects by Martin Straka. Filled with neon colors, ball physics, wonderful electro music, Mr. Bounce adds new ingredients to the classic formula. ...

16/10/2009 / Flash

Peeps at have updated their site to include voice and motion only navigation. Using flash, you navigate the site by saying particular words or moving your hands in front of your camera. Check it out for yourself: Credits: Hochschule Offenburg (, Scholz&Volkmer ...

15/10/2009 / openFrameworks

Hand From Above is the latest project from Chris O'Shea, a joint co-commission between FACT: Foundation for Art & Creative Technology and Liverpool City Council for BBC Big Screen Liverpool and the Live Sites Network. It premiered during the inaugural Abandon ...

13/10/2009 / Mac, Processing, Windows

Created by Dave Shea, Elevation is a free, open source Mac and Windows application built using Processing that allows you visualise GPS data in 3D space. You’ll need to have a GPS-equipped phone or device capable of tracking your activity as you run, hike, cycle, ...

13/10/2009 / iPhone

Somewhat inspired by bejeweled, Piyo Blocks in a game by Big Pixel Studios where the task is to swap adjacent Piyo Blocks to match 3 or more of the same kind to capture them. Adopting wonderful pixel art style graphics with subtle ...
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