Month: December 2009


Silent [C++, Cinder]

Created by Chandler McWilliams, Silent is a two minute video made by combining frames from five classic silent films: Metropolis, Faust, Nosferatu, Holy Mountain, and The Dragon Painter and put to the music of Charles Ives’ Hallowe’en. The frames are chosen by custom software that compares data from each of the film’s soundtracks with the data […]


Hipstamatic [iPhone]

Ever since the release of Toy Camera together with Old Camera I have been slightly reluctant to review many “effector” apps now available in the AppStore. On a number of occasions I have also been suggested by friends to check out Camera Bag, Night Camera and a bunch of others that would somewhat deserve a […]


Goldfish Music Box [iPhone, Sound]

Created by Francis Lam aka db-db-db and inspired by his own art installation that tracks movement of fish and turns them into sound,  Goldfish Music Box is an iPhone application that converts colors into music. The principle is simple; you open up the application, pick colors to represent different music notes and listen to the colorful world as […]


NUI Framework – ObjectiveC Alternatives [iPhone, C++]

iPhone development is red hot right now, with thousands of individual developers and big brands trying to carve out a miniscule piece of the Apple’s rather large pie for themselves. Aside from the profit aspect, there are many creative programmers looking to experiment with a powerful, hand-held, multitouch multitouch device. With it’s advanced features, such […]


Video Sampler [openFrameworks]

What you see below is a quick composition Marek made on his macbook with the internal camera and microphone to demo his new little program. He originally created this sampler as a way to sample sounds very quickly (it’s here: It was a simple version where you press the key you want to sample […]


Pliable and Cubic Mirrors [Flash]

Somewhat similar to the Faceless Void [Processing] app by Jason Lam we wrote about few days ago, Pliable and Cubic Mirrors are two flash application created by Hitoshi Akira Nishimura aka the source-laboratory. Both apps run in your browser and make use of the webcam to represent the camera image (in real time) in the form of […]


This is Infinity [Games, Windows]

New submission to the Experimental Gameplay Project (‘Art Game’ theme) is the new game by Cactus titled This is Infinity. The game is 3d first person glitch like experience “meant to put you in a state of confusion, where you feel lost and alienated from the world you enter. You have to explore your own […]


DaylightCal [iPhone]

DaylightCal visualises the duration, angle and quality of sunlight wherever you are. Using weather forecast data, DaylightCal calculates the distribution of daylight for any location and date worldwide. Find out how much daylight you’ve got left today and how much to expect tomorrow. Now all of this may sound pretty familiar and we have seen […]


Faceless Void [Processing]

Inspired by the wonderful work Jonathan Puckey has been doing with custom designed Delaunay triangulation scriptographer plugin for Illustrator, Jason Lam created this Processing application that uses your webcam to generate the same affect in real time. To run you will need the Triangulation Processing library available for download here and the source Jonathan was kind […]


untitled 246 [Processing]

untitled 246 is a video for a song with code and music created by Eduardo Omine. Video was made with Processing, toxiclibs, penner.easing lib, Robert Hodgin’s perlin noise movement, and Paul Bourke’s 2D line intersection algorithm. Music made with FL and MDA JX10. Eduardo Omine is a creative developer working with Flash, Processing, OpenFrameworks, etc. See blog for more info.


Gliss [iPhone, Sound]

Gliss is new sound toy application which lets you play sound files and mix them easily by drawing on your iPhone. Play your mix using a tempo or scrub through by tilting your iPhone. Gliss allows you to improvise and perform using the iPhone as a controller and an interface. Put sound under your fingertips with […]


Merry Christmas!

As we say goodbye to 2009 and prepare for the 2010, we thought we should say thank you to all of our readers. As you know CAN launched back in October 2008 and the 2009 has been a hugely exciting year from us. They say it takes a year for blog to take off and […]