Month: January 2010


cheesePlotter [openFrameworks]

cheesePlotter is the latest installation by Undef, presented at hyperwerk (Base, Switzerland) some two weeks ago. Following experiments with a plotter and openFrameworks, the team of two has constructed an installation to record visitors and draw in realtime using somewhat now reduntand pen plotter. If you recall this post some weeks back, specially interesting was […]


Decode Recode [Processing]

The collection of “re-code” projects for Decode: Digital Design Sensations event at V&A in London is growing and we thought to showcase 9 we have come accross and enjoyed most. If you are unfamiliar with the event, Decode is a collaboration between the V&A and onedotzero to showcases the latest developments in digital and interactive […]


Weather Monitor [iPhone]

Somewhat retro / led / road sign inspired + quite convenient clock app for the iPhone that displays time, temperature and current weather. Also include are some pretty sweet screen rotation transitions as you spin your device to reveal different time and weather compositions. Features: – Displays temperature, time and current weather – Time format […]


WooMachine [iPhone, Sound]

WooMachine is an audio visualization application for the iPhone created by Matthias Buchholz. Create customizable color gradients and visualize audio data from the iPhone microphone. Included are a large number of adjustable properties such as gate and gains as well as ability to create your own presets using a built in gradient creation tool. Use woomaster to […]


Visualizing Fontane’s “Brücke am Tay” [Processing]

Created by Diana Lange, this project is a visualization of Thedor Fontane‘s poem “Brücke am Tay”. Included are 5 different applications, each one visualising the poem in a slightly different way. Built with Processing. More information at + download the full archive including the applications and thesis PDF document (in german). Links to 5 apps […]


Offf 2010 Paris [Events]

There is only 2 days left (!!!) to buy “Super Early Ticket” for this years Offf event in Paris. The ticket is a great saving giving you a 3 day access to the event for €74.90 (regular price 80 euros + 7% VAT). The team have also announced Registration open for HYPE – Joshua Davis Workshop! Remember […]


What the iPad Means to Developers [News, iPhone]

Today Apple announced it’s long rumored new product, the iPad. Hype has been reaching epic proportions leading up to the launch, though I would say that the device meets expectations without really offering anything truly groundbreaking in terms of technology. The most surprising part of the announcement was probably the price of the device – […]


V Z F [iPhone, Games]

F is for Falling, V is for Vortex and Z is for Zombie are three games for the iPhone by Jonathan Mulcahy (How I Hate the Night Studios). Adopting a drawing sketch style, each game is a cartoon like somewhat quirky and bizarre. Although the gameplay may not be particularly sophisticated I can’t help it but to enjoy […]


Sync/Lost [Processing]

SyncLost is a multi-user immersive installation into the history of electronic music. From a complex timeline, rhythms and sub-rhythms merge to create new sounds. The project’s objective is to create an interface where users can view all the connections between the main styles of electronic music through visual and audible feedback. The choice is individual and leads […]


How It Is [iPhone, Events]

Created by Champagne Valentine, How It Is app is an interactive interpretation of Miroslaw Balka‘s new work currently being exhibited at London’s Tate Modern gallery. Immerse yourself in the dark and mysterious world of How It Is – the new Unilever Series commission for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall by Polish artist Miroslaw Balka. Use the custom-made […]


Thank You to CAN’s Sponsors [News]

We would like to take a quick moment and thank our great sponsors for enabling us to deliver such great content to our readers. Please take a moment and visit their websites for great products and offers. Why Advertise on CreativeApplications.Net? CAN is always seeking site sponsors for our growing audience of artists, gamers, musicians […]


Simple Metronome [iPhone, Flash]

Created by Takayuki Fukatsu, developer behind great titles such as Quad Camera and Tilt Shift Generator, comes a simple but beautifully designed experimental Metronome app. What is especially interesting is that this was created using Flash CS5. Takayuki doesn’t reveal a lot of detail but does provide some information: As far as I tested, flash for […]