Month: February 2010


Büro Destruct Designer [iPhone, Air]

If you enjoy generative graphic design, you may just like Büro Destruct‘s just released “Designer” app for the iPhone and iPod/Touch. Shake your iPhone to create a virtually infinite number of visual designs. Using only circles, squares and a set of rules, Büro Destruct Designer aims to find you inspiration from color combinations and graphic […]


Augmented Sculpture [Inspiration]

Augmented Sculpture is a physical installation made by LICHFRONT and GROSSE8 for the interior design week in Cologne (Passagen 2010).The installation consits of geometrical forms located in an interior space with projection mapping cycling through various textures highlighting sharp physical elements, sometime one at the time. See video below. Technical equipment by Ave


Yoshihiro Shindo [iPhone]

Sometimes we come across little jewels in the AppStore and such is the work of BeInteractive!. Yoshihiro Shindo is behind this little collective and the collection of apps in the AppStore are little experiments but nonetheless very inspiring bundles of code. Three of these deserve a special mention: Infinity Sheep plays with the idea of […]


Written Images [News]

Written Images is looking for artists, designers and developers who would like to provide a self-made, generative image-creating application for a book. Artists, designers and developers are encouraged to program image creating applications, which will be published as four-page spreads in the book. These programs visualize internet data-streams or display self-generated content. They are able to save continuously changing […]


Experiencing Information by Stefan Kuzaj + Jochen Winker

…is a collection of projects forming Stefan Kuzaj and Jochen Winker‘s barchelor thesis at the Univesity of Applied Sciences Schwabisch Gmund. Quote: There are four essential parts in making abstract information experiencable: information itself, relevant senses, fitting emotion and a direct reference of the presentation to the information. With our method you can not only design […]


IOGraphica [Mac, Windows, Linux]

Formerly known as MousePath, IOGraphica was created by Moscow designer Anatoly Zenkov to brighten up the routine work. Posting it at Flickr caused informal interest and afterward Anatoly Zenkov and his colleague Andrey Shipilov decided to evolve the app. IOGraphica is an application that tracks your mouse movements and converts them into a single image showing all the paths you have made with your mouse. The idea […]


Mimeo [iPhone, Games] – Preview

Shaun Inman has just posted details about the latest iPhone game he has been working on, named Mimeo. Having been awarded a grant to create a 16-bit game engine, his latest creations are far more ambitious than CAN’s much loved Horror Vacui. Mimeo started as a Mario clone with a twist: instead of power-ups affecting […]


TouchDesigner + PLASTIKMAN [Windows, Sound]

Derivative, company behind TouchDesigner, an authoring tool for building interactive 3D art, visualizations, prototypes and user interfaces, has just announced the next-gen of their collaboration with techno-futurist Richie Hawtin who is unleashing PLASTIKMAN LIVE 2010 a much-anticipated series of live shows to launch at this year’s Timewarp festival on March 27th, 2010. The influential Plastikman performance […]


KulerClock [iPhone]

KulerClock is a simple iPhone application by Hiroto Sugita that uses Adobe Kuler colour database to display time. Flick through the endless database of colour palettes by double clicking on the screen or swipe up and double tap to see palette colour refs including emailing yourself for later use. Interestingly, the app has been created […]


TYPEFACE [Processing]

Created by Mary Huang, TYPEFACE is a study of facial recognition and type design, creating a typeface that corresponds to each individual, like a typographic portrait. Somewhat similar to LAIKA project – interactive typeface, the challenge here were the limitations of geometric type system, being able to allow for a great amount of variation while […]


Flourish [iPhone, Sound]

Flourish is a musical toy and composition tool for the iPhone. The helvetica bold and beautiful interface allows you to quickly build diverse and complex arrangements. Organised around clusters of objects, each elements has it’s own loop and is triggered by it’s arrangment and proximity to other elements. The app includes example compositions to have […]