Month: May 2010


OFFF Paris 2010 + Ticket Giveaway [Events]

As you already know, OFFF will celebrate its tenth anniversary in Paris: La Grand Halle de la Villette will host OFFF from 24th to 26th june 2010. The list of featured artists include Neville Brody, Hillman Curtis, Joshua Davis, Vaughan Oliver, Tara McPherson, Matt Pyke, Dvein, Multitouch Barcelona, H5 and many more (see full list […]

opening Design by Performance

L’Artisan Electronique [openFrameworks]

For L’Artisan Electronique, Unfold created -aside from the ceramic printer– a virtual pottery wheel in collaboration with Tim Knapen. This pottery wheel gives visitors a chance to ‘turn’ their own forms. Every time a visitor presses “Save” on the arcade buttons, the creation is saved to disk and displayed on the wall. At regular intervals, a selection of these designs […]


PhoneBook Ride! Ride! [iPhone]

Few weeks ago Takayuki mentioned a project he was working on. To my usual interest, few DMs were exchanged on Twitter finding out it’s a children’s animated book conceptualized by Mobile Art Lab that comes with a physical book you can order through Considering I have an 8-month old daughter, I was very excited. […]


MOC [openFrameworks]

MOC by Lab212 explores the relationship between sound and image through simple interactions and fun. Exhibited in the French Institute of Meknes (Moc à Meknès, Maroc, à l’occasion du FICAM10.), MOC is an imaginary landscape that passes in front of the viewer. Whistling into a microphone, a tree grows: its shape will evolve in real […]


It’s About Time – Volume 2 [iPhone, iPad]

Once again we are back with the collection of most wonderful and creative clocks now available in the AppStore. They are simple to understand, not too hard to program and fun to play with. Most probably more “useful” once iPhone OS4 is out (background process), nevetheless always beautiful to play with. My favorite, this time […]


Daily Stack [Objects]

Daily Stack was built during a four week exploration in Tangible User Interface at CIID. The project was made by everyoneelse in collaboration with Sebastian Rønde Thielke. Daily Stack is a playful tool that helps you become more aware of your daily work-flow and time management. By creating a physical representation of your tasks, Daily Stack […]


DNPWWO [Games]

In DNPWWO (Does Not Play Well With Others) Alex Myers uses “a simple video game hardware hack to subtly change the dynamics of the ubiquitous death-match mode in an effort to subvert traditional game-play. The hack also serves to change the relationships between the players. Restructuring the original ritual-combat both as the typical aggressive power-play and […]


PhiLia02 [iPhone, openFrameworks]

PhiLia02 is the latest iPhone application created by the the Austrian visual artist Lia, who has been creating digital art, installations and sound works since 1995. The app has been submitted to the AppStore only few days ago and should be available within a week. The app is now available in the AppStore. We have […]


Holler Logo Bash [openFrameworks]

Lukasz Karluk aka julapy has been doing some interesting experiments with openCV. To start, he wanted to play with some basic shapes and since he was doing all this in work downtime he felt a little obliged to use the agency‘s logo. The end result in an interesting collage of both motion tracking, delaunay triangulations […]


Helvetinote [iPad]

A simple and beautiful way of note taking on the iPad comes in the form of much loved Helvetica. Designed by cypher13 and built by Rage Digital, HelvetiNote™ offers a refined set of functions specifically intended to optimize iPad notetaking. Notes taken within HelvetiNote™ are set in Helvetica, drawing and erasing tools are implemented so […]