Month: June 2010


onedotzero – Call for Submissions! [Events]

onedotzero are seeking innovative short films, installations, interactive work and live audiovisual performances to showcase at the BFI Southbank, London, UK, 10-14 November 2010. The five-day festival is the first stop on onedotzero’s extensive worldwide network of events. It is a fantastic opportunity to get your work seen by a like-minded, connected and creative international […]


Strata #3 – Bordeaux [Processing]

The Strata project by Quayola consist of a series of films, prints and installations investigating improbable relationships between contemporary digital aesthetics and icons of classical art and architecture. A combination of 3d render/processing application, the film includes Processing delaunay triangulation conversion applied to photographic stills with 3D mesh output which was then fed into 3D […]


G [iPad, iPhone]

G is a Gravitation simulator designed for iPad /iPhone created by Oriol Ferrer Mesià. G allows you to quickly experiment the effects of the Universal Gravitation by adding bodies into the simulation, seeing how they react to each other in real time. The app allows you can change the speed and the value of the […]


Unwrapping.. [Processing, openFrameworks]

Kyle McDonald and Golan Levin reading about domain shifting between polar and Cartesian geometries noticed that flowers make particularly interesting subjects for this transformation. Working with Golan’s open-source BloggieUnwarper panoramic-imaging software (see below) with some flower photographs from Flickr, the duo produced the “flower panoramas”. A modified version of the software — the FlowerUnwarper — was optimized […]


Node10 [Events, vvvv]

Coming up in November 2010 for the second time, the NODE10 is an inter-media forum is to facilitate a cross-border exchange between interactive media, digital art and generative design. The forum emerged in 2008 from an initiative of developers and users centered around vvvv but now gathers people working across the disciplines of applied and artistic media in […]


Quakescapes [Java]

Attempting to visualize the earthquakes, Quakescapes is the latest project by Christopher Warnow using the datasource from 2007 until the beginning of 2010 from the Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. What is shown in the images/movies below is a worldmap of earthquake amounts with Potsdam/Germany being the white block. The project was created with Java using […]


Hit-A-Tweet [Processing, WebApp]

With Twitter users generating tens of thousands of messages per minute, Hit-A-Tweet by Andreas Schlegel is a project that utilizes this data-flow overload in twitter to allow participants to create new tweet narratives. Project was created using Processing and twitter4j, a Java library for the Twitter API. Andreas writes: In this work, words from the 41-word […]


OFFF 2010 + Book Giveaway [Events]

Just got back from the OFFF festival and once again have met an incredible group of people. Some known, others producing fantastic work and even more of our wonderful readers and followers on Twitter. Got interview by éTapes magazine (coming soon), met the organisers including Thomas and Hector, drank a lot of beer and watched […]


Growth II [Cinder]

Growth II is the Cinder port of Processing app created by Job van der Zwan, an art student at Academie Minerva in Groningen. I have included both the Cinder version and the original Processing code for comparison. He does note that the quality with the video below isn’t that great although you can still download […]

RetroScreen in the AppStore

RetroScreen [iPhone, iPad]

Created by Mike Tucker and published by CreativeApplications.Net, RetroScreen is an interactive incarnation of the older generation screensavers now designed for the iPad / iPhone and iPod Touch. If you can recall the days of endlessly starring at your PC/Mac screen watching the ‘amazing’ graphics and miss the innocence of 90’s computing platforms, you can now indulge your […]