Month: October 2010


Nemore [vvvv]

Created by “fishing for compliments“, “Nemore” is a garden, consiting of 36 bendable graphite poles. “Nemore” senses the visitor. Each pole has a behavior and reacts to it’s neighbours and to the visitor, the “alien neighbour”. Does a system arise from the poles behaviour, that we (the observers and the visitor) perceive as angst, curiosity, nervousness, […]


Impure [WebApp]

Bestiario, a Barcelona Spain based start-up, has been exploring new interactive visualization paradigms over the past 5 years. The result of this effort is the creation of IMPURE, a visual programming language aimed to gather, process and visualize information. With impure is possible to obtain information from very different sources; from user owned data to […]


Nihil Ex Nihilo [MaxMSP]

Nihil Ex Nihilo by Other Sounds (Félix Luque Sánchez + others) is a science fiction work about a digital entity, a computer. The work includes a number of movie clips together with an installation divided in 3 parts/spaces. (NSFW) SN W8931CGX66E is one among thousands of millions of others identical machines. Since he was made, […]

plate 349

The Muybridgizer [iPhone, oF, Events]

Commissioned by the Tate Britain and in honour of the eccentric man who proved that ‘horses can fly’, Theo Watson and Emily Gobeille with Nexus productions have created an iPhone app utilizing Muybridge’s technique to give iPhone users the chance to animate their own Muybridge-esque sequences, using custom-built ‘Muybridgizer’ app. Using the original principle of taking a […]

IKW feelSpace

feelSpace [Objects, Inspiration]

“feelSpace” is a research project undertaken by students at the University of Osnabrück’s Institute of Cognitive Science, supervised by Prof.Dr. Peter König. The project is based on the fascinating notion that the human brain is flexible enough to ‘learn’ a new sense. The work conducted by the team at Osnabrück relies on the familiarity gained […]


INSCT [vvvv]

INSCT is the music video of the Hamburg music producer Jochen Mader / Skyence. The video was created using sound reactive VVVV app and after edited in After Effects. Direction & Animation: Johannes Timpernagel – Sound: Jochen Mader / Skyence / Audionerve – »INSCT« coming out soon on Project Mooncircle – Thanks Johannes See also: Node10 […]


Type Case [Processing]

Created by Martin Bircher, “Type Case” is a low-resolution display embedded in an old printers’ type case with 125 rectangular pixels of different sizes. These are formed from the reflecting light of Processing controlled LEDs, embedded in each section of the case. Images are converted and fed to the case via arduino. Due to the […]


Tap Numen [iPhone, iPad, Games]

Numen are back! This time in the form of Halloween special, Francis Lam aka dbdbking has created a simple game where you task is to tap numen before they turn into zombies. Each level brings something new, from particles to birds. This is an addictive game of Numen tap tap challenge! Tap Numen before they turn into […]


32767 Invaders [Processing]

The theme of the pixel invaders has accompanied Christian Gross for several years now. The first projects was the blinkdrawer, an arduino based installation that draws random generated invaders with light. Latest in the series was the creation of  32767 invaders generated using Processing. They are collected in posters (see below) each including 2352 invaders. Created using […]