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29/01/2011 / Featured, Theory

[screen captures from IBM's "Planning for Smarter Cities" commercial / 2010] Conversations about ubiquitous computing and the city often get anchored to specific paradigms: urban informatics, discussions of 'smartphone urbanism', open data drumbeating and any number of other stock frames of ...

28/01/2011 / iPad, iPhone, Sound

www is the latest iPhone application by Kazuyuki Okamoto (OKAHON), the name behind NNN Mono, Powon and iOSC, experimental sound applications for the iOS platforms. www is a new step, creating an abstract sound toy using strings/waves analogy as a core ...

28/01/2011 / Games

Darkgame is a sensory deprivation computer game by Eddo Stern currently in development. The game plays on physical manipulation of the player’s senses as the central focus of game strategy. The immersive gameplay is based upon the experience of communication ...
    Space Physics 1/2

28/01/2011 / Android, Games

Released in 2009 and developed by Camel Games, Space Physics is ... (ok, you guessed), a physics game for Android with something like, let's say, a "neo-retro-gaming-tron-like" design. Your goal is to help a little green ball reach a shiny star ...

27/01/2011 / Objects, Sound

Created at the workshop with product designer and electronic music composer Yuri Suzuki, the following objects use the seemingly trite sound of a door bell as its starting point to create and suggest alternatives to the generic sound-scapes of everyday ...

26/01/2011 / openFrameworks

Inspired by the childhood memories of artworks on their bedroom walls, Here to There is a project by Emily Gobeille & Theo Watson (Design I/O) created two years ago, now available as a limited run of prints. For the project, the duo ...

26/01/2011 / Events

Creators Project interviews Paola Antonelli about the forthcoming "Talk To Me" exhibition at MoMA including core themes driving this exhibition and a sneak preview of a few of the objects to be included in the show. We may not think about ...

26/01/2011 / Scripts

Print Stuff is a personal project by Guido Tamino allowing strangers to use his printer at home forming basis of what will eventually become a book. Basically he is inviting everyone to print some stuff (a short message and a picture) in ...

24/01/2011 / Flash

Hypo is a collaboration between Matt Booth and Peter Crawley, where adobe flash was used to generate hypotrochoid designs finally resulting  in stitched prints. Matt built a small Flash tool for his personal use where he could control the radius and rotation speeds ...

21/01/2011 / Processing

For the last month Victor Martins has been exploring what is possible with Microsoft Kinect by simulating cloth behaviour using Processing. It all started off with simple surface with plastic-type shader applied to it. These experiments quickly progressed to trying ...

21/01/2011 / iPhone, WebApp

Playing with the  idea, some say a science, that people who have more symmetrical faces are considered more "attractive", Julian Wolkenstein created this iPhone application and a site where you can split and mirror images of yourself or others. "Echoism" plays ...

20/01/2011 / iPad, iPhone

Publishing house McSweeney’s (wiki) has just released the new version of their iPhone/iPad app bringing you even closer to the diverse selection of stories, short films, interviews, comics and readings available daily, exclusively for the iOS platform. Artists and writers include ...

19/01/2011 / openFrameworks, Sound

Presented at the last month's ImageRama in Kyushu University (Fukuoka/Japan), Dial is the latest application/project by Hiroshi Matoba, the creator of Overbug, processing based graphical sound sequencer we wrote about few months back. In the video below Hiroshi Matoba and Nobu Furuta demo ...

18/01/2011 / Flash, iPad, openFrameworks, vvvv

Building on their previous installation at Coffee Kitchen, Kimchi and Chips created 'Link', their latest interactive installation for  Design Korea 2010 where people record their stories into a cityscape of cardboard boxes. Link was created for the event as an interpretation of 'Convergence', the ...

18/01/2011 / News

CAN just hit 1000 posts! Popular posts since launch: kinect-opensource-news, flixel-2-tutorial-flash-tutorials-games, arduino-servo-opencv-tutorial-openframeworks, limbo-games, n3-d-demo-openframeworks-maxmsp-objects, cinder-cinder-c, kinect-one-week-later-processing-of-cinder-maxmsp, record-makers-iphone, mycelium-processing and many more.. See also CAN Archives for categories or by month listing. Thank you for reading CAN! + Please SUPPORT in any way you can. --

18/01/2011 / WebApp

If you recall soundrop as well as the original version Balldroppings (circa 2003) made for the Android/Desktop by Joshua T. Nimoy, also worth mentioning Squiggle for iPad, Alexander Chen has created this new piece titled Conductor, which recreates the New York subway system ...

17/01/2011 / Featured, Theory

Grey Walter’s robotic tortoises ELSIE Usman Haque has, on several occasions, made the observation that there is an important difference between interactivity and responsiveness (see for example -pdf). A responsive system is a fundamentally linear  set of relations, a kind of ...

16/01/2011 / iPad

Inspired by Brandon Boyer's recent IndieCade talk, Anthony Grajirena together with his brother Rob made this quite wonderful little iPad game/poem. To look around : swipe the screen, To interact : tap, To shoot : touch, drag and release. Enjoy. Under the full ...

14/01/2011 / Processing

Created by Keyvane Alinaghi, Simon Lebon and Damien Marchal, Boo! is an interactive installation created using Processing and Pure Data that allows viewers to interact with zombies in the projected scene. The unusual component of this scene is the strange behavior of the ...

14/01/2011 / CAN Events, Events

Together with Chris Sugrue and Niklas Roy I will be speaking at next month's Data Event #46.0. The Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA) is a Dublin gathering of artists, musicians, technologists, and academia with the intention of promoting, exploring, discussing, ...

13/01/2011 / iPad

Created by Simon Strandgaard, Triangle Draw allows you to draw logos/patterns/typography using only triangles. Within the app you can keep track of all your drawings, export to photo album or by email. Other tools include ability to mirror, offset, flip axis, ...

13/01/2011 / Events

Founded by Dave Schroeder, the name behind Flashbelt we had a great pleasure to be part of last year, has just launched Eyeo Festival, new event bringing together the most creative coders, designers and artists working today, and shaping tomorrow. ...

07/01/2011 / Objects

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty is an interactive lighting installation designed to reveal the materiality of computation by recontextualizing the common pixel. Composed of two hundred and twenty magnetic pixel-tiles in a darkened room, Zigelbaum + Coelho have created each pixel able to ...

04/01/2011 / iPhone, WebApp

Created by Nicholas Feltron and Ryan Case, Daytum for iPhone is complementary application for Daytum web app to track your daily activities. iPhone app allows you to add, edit and view entries to help collect and communicate the most important ...

03/01/2011 / iPad, iPhone, openFrameworks, Windows

In the multifaceted world of iOS apps for iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, artists are beginning to carve a niche in the crowded landscape of Apple's Appstore. One trend amongst software artists is to repurpose work that was originally ...

01/01/2011 / iPhone, Sound

RUNXT LIFE is a generative music application created for iPhone based on the cellular automaton theory “Conway’s Game of Life” by John Horton Conway. The ‘game’ is a zero-player game, meaning that its evolution is determined by its initial state, requiring ...