Month: September 2011


Revoid.Js [Javascript]

We have a new feature javascript running on CAN:  Revoid.js by Gwen Vanhee. Click top right corner button for demo. Small experiments with the HTML5 canvas-element and javascript. Build from scratch to learn while playing and test javascript’s performance on mobile devices. Landscape is an animated 3D grid with a slowly fading trail, where user interaction creates […]


Impulse 101 [AniGif]

Impulse 101 is a diptych, half painting/half beamer, 100% on the internet. Anthony Antonellis began with the 4 font characters of 8-bit Block ASCII, ░ ▒ ▓ █. The end results consists of two 100 x 100 cm canvases. The left (black) side is acrylic on canvas, while the right is a beamer projection of ASCII art […]


Seeking a Creative Code Intern

Company: The Science Project Location: NYC, USA Type: Creative Code Job Type: Intern Description The Science Project, an integrated creative studio, is seeking a creative code intern to join us in our New York office. Knowledge of HTML5 a must. Knowledge of VVVV, Processing, or OF a strong plus. Please send samples of previous projects when […]


Soak, Dye in Light [Processing, Kinect]

“Soak, Dye in light.” by everyware (2011) is an empty canvas but when you touch it, its elastic surface stretches and gets suffused with projected vivid colors mimicking fabric absorbing dye. Poking and rubbing with hands or resting their body on this spandex canvas allows visitors to soak this canvas in virtual dye and create own patterns. Dying fabric […]


Kulbuto [Quarz Composer, Sound]

Created by Émile Sacré, Kulbuto is an installation and an instrument, exploring possibilities of non-uniform compositions by both visualising what is being created and using the visual content as the driving force behind the rhythmic cycles. The formal outcome of Kulbuto is based on principles of changing rates, determined by graphic collisions at speeds. We are facing […]


PHP Developer at Nation

Company: Nation Location: UK, London Type: Coder Job Type: Full Time Description Nation is a boutique digital design studio established 2 years ago. We are steadily making a name for ourselves by producing innovative digital work for businesses, advertising agencies and individuals alike. We are on the lookout for an enthusiastic back-end developer to join our small but growing in-house […]

texttoy2 copy

Textoy [Mac, Windows, Cinder]

Textoy is a cinder app by Ariel Malka that is all about physical interaction with text and a slight touch of generative sound. Latest work in progress in the series of projects exploring interactive text and typeface, in this latest experiment Ariel has created an app that allows you to draw a curve along which custom text follows. The iPad version […]

Screen Shot 2011-09-26 at 22.30.01x

Nabit [iPhone]

Once in a while comes a photography app that does something really different. If you’re a fan of action sports or just like to take pictures of moving objects you’re definitely going to like this. Nabit lets you catch the right moment and turn it into an action sequence photo like we’ve seen in skateboard/snowboard/BMX magazines. […]


Mobile Developer at Mentally Friendly

Company: Mentally Friendly Location: UK, London Type: Coder Job Type: Full Time Description We are looking for mobile developers of all levels for our new London studio. We are starting out fresh and from the ground up in London, but with the love and help of our established and thriving studio in Sydney. We have a […]

handwritteninvoice00 copy

Handwritten Invoice [Python, Nodebox]

Created by Matthias Dörfelt, Handwritten Invoice is a response to the mundane task of writing invoices, replaced by computer generated visualisation of moneys owed as well as a handwritten typeface. After I set down and started working on my first invoice design using a template file of apples famous text processing software pages I quickly felt very bored. I […]


Scramble Suit – Face Tracking [openFrameworks]

It all kicked off about 2 months ago when Kyle McDonald posted ‘FaceOSC’, a tool for prototyping face-based interaction. The oF wrapper Kyle created is built on non-commercial open source FaceTracker code from Jason Saragih. Kyle included an example oF app with the ofxFaceTracker addon for openFrameworks which can be downloaded here. Then few days ago, […]