Month: April 2012


Technical Lead – UX Lab at INSTRUMENT

Company: INSTRUMENT Location: Portland, Oregon, USA Type: Technologist Job Type: Full-Time Description The Instrument UX Lab is looking for a seasoned creative developer with a rare passion for making the impossible seem easy. As the Technical Lead at Instrument Labs, you’ll be working with the UX Design Director to develop an open Lab environment where innovation happens naturally and […]

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‘Affection Station’ by Salvador Orara – Reconnecting to our devices..

(ARL) Affection Research Lab: Affection Stations is a thesis project by Salvador Orara searching for ways to reconnect to our devices to facilitate revelations. They are designed as immersive installations which listen, and transcode a device’s unique incidental sound, exposing them to be more than just tools, toys, or gizmos but content generators revealing our intimate relation to […]

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Konfetti for iPad – Playful mirror image using OpenSceneGraph – Stephan Huber

Latest piece by Stephan Maximilian Huber using OpenSceneGraph and “cefix” comes in the shape of iPad app called Konfetti. A fun little experiment that uses the image captured by the camera and dissolves it into a number of dots that follow the movements in front of the camera, and invite you to play with your mirror image. Additionally, you can intervene the flow […]

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Interactivos?’12 Dublin: Hack the City (Call for Proposals)

Interactivos?09 – Garage Science, photo: Alejandro Tamayo A call for proposals for the upcoming instalment of Medialab-Prado’s excellent Interactivos? research platform has been posted and it looks quite promising. “Interactivos?’12 Dublin: Hack the City. Current and Future Needs” is being produced in collaboration with Science Gallery to facilitate the production of projects that engage urban infrastructure and discourse.


Experienced OpenGL Programmer Wanted at Resolume HQ

Company: Resolume VJ Software Location: Den Haag, Netherlands Type: Creative Code Job Type: Full-Time Description Our company is growing so we so we are in need of some extra hands & brains to help us shape the future of live visuals. If you\’re an experienced C/C++ OpenGL developer then get in touch, we have a full-time position available here in […]

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Patterned by Nature – Transparent pixels in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Some time ago Sosolimited and Plebian Design set out to create a large scale transparent LCD sculpture for a science museum atrium. Each pixel was designed as a piece of glass that could independently change the transparency of: from opaque black to transparent. The sculpture was designed to curve up through the atrium of the museum and […]


Interaction Designer for Apps at Scott Snibbe Studio

Company: Scott Snibbe Studio Location: San Francisco, USA Type: Interaction Designer Job Type: Full-Time Description Scott Snibbe Studio is a pioneer in bringing the emotional impact of movies and music to apps. We believe interactivity is capable of no less than bringing our dreams to life. We create original apps, and also partner with some of the most […]

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Hot Networks – Complexities and opportunities in collaborative robotics

Created by Brandon Kruysman and Jonathan Proto, Hot Networks explores the complexities and opportunities in collaborative robotics.  Using custom built software called esperant.O developed by Kruysman-Proto, Hot Networks is a collaboration of five industrial robot arms, with different tools and tasks, operating as one large network.  Ideas of representation are embedded into the sequence, as well as material behaviour, […]

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Z/Z/Z/ – Archiving film, animation and videogame image analysis

Z/Z/Z/ is a project hatched by Daniel Rehn and Sarah Caluag dedicated to “describing the dimension of cultural artifacts that are difficult to explain using natural language”. This endeavour deploys a custom visualization workflow to break down footage from film, animation and games and reconstitute this source material into stills and animated GIFs using a […]


Seeking Kinect Application for Gallery Touring Work / at Robert Drummond

Company: Robert Drummond Location: Santa Fe, USA Type: Coder Job Type: Collaboration Description Video Installation Artist- Looking to build a system, using one or more Kinect boxes and multiple LED panels combined with projectors, which samples gallery visitor gesture and then loads that visitor\’s piece into a larger “fish tank” environment of abstract, floating participants (“soul agents”) that […]