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    Upgrade Soul

31/10/2012 / ontheweb

Video Preview of Erik Loyer's new iOS sci-fi graphic novel Upgrade Soul. First chapter is available for free on the app store.

31/10/2012 / ontheweb

Protothon and the Chrome team from Google are calling the best creative developers and developed creatives for a day of inspiration and innovation. via Protothon Rethinking Real-time.
    underwater_by_david_bowen_01 copy

31/10/2012 / Arduino, Processing

Created by David Bowen, Underwater is an installation created for INTERIEUR 2012.  It uses a Microsoft Kinect and Processing to collected real-time surface data from moving wave patterns and translates them into this large scale installation comprised of hundreds of servo-motors controlling each point of ...

31/10/2012 / ontheweb

Beautiful hand-drawn video game about a unique circus that only takes place when lightning strikes. via Circus of Light by Shift-P — Kickstarter.
    Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 21.15.28

30/10/2012 / ontheweb

C A T K collaborated with Meiré und Meiré to deliver the new KENZO Men’s Collection Fall 2012 video presentation. via Vimeo.

30/10/2012 / Jobs-Archive

Company: Google Location:  London, UK Type: Seasonal/Temp/Intern Category: Creative Code
    Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 19.42.09

30/10/2012 / ontheweb

Happy Halloween by Random Studio and Geoffrey Lillemon - 'The Opera Repose' via The Opera Repose.
    Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 19.36.35

30/10/2012 / ontheweb

pencil sketched metaballs by kynd via Vimeo.

26/10/2012 / Jobs-Archive

Company: Arnold Worldwide Location:  Boston, USA Type: Full-Time Category: Creative Code
    silo468_photos_01 copy

26/10/2012 / openFrameworks

Silo 468 is a permanent light installation that transforms abandoned oil silo in Helsinki into a light display and civic center. For this project, Tecné Collective joined Lighting Design Collective to create a custom software that controls the installation’s light ...

26/10/2012 / ontheweb

Great opportunity to experiment with Medialab-Prado's media facade.
    Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 11.54.09

26/10/2012 / ontheweb

Low tech activism against high tech weapons: a public and anonymous war map. via VVAR.BIZ.

26/10/2012 / ontheweb

15-17 November 2012 in Aarhus, Denmark and brings together architects, academia, and industry from around the globe. via Media Architecture Biennale 2012 | official site.

26/10/2012 / ontheweb

Presented at Istanbul Design Biennial within the 'Musibet' exhibition curated by local architect Emre Arolat via Augmented Structures v2.0 / Istanbul Design Biennial / October 13th - December 12th, 2012 on Vimeo.

26/10/2012 / ontheweb

FELD is selling a limited edition of fine art prints of  »extracts of local distance« /via FELD – News.

26/10/2012 / ontheweb

Interactive display created for a pair of storefront windows at the corner Mercer St. and Washington Pl via Bird on a Wire | Interactive Installation.

25/10/2012 / Events

Last Friday saw the latest instalment of FITC's Emerging Technology & Advertising (ETA) event series touch down in Toronto. While labelled rather dryly as a "one day conversation on how technology will impact brands", ETA 2012 brought together an improbably ...
    Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 13.42.53

25/10/2012 / ontheweb

from Trollbäck+Company via Step – The Ultimate Stop Motion and Timelapse Camera | Trollbäck+Company.
    CATS_STILLS_0015_Layer 4 copy

24/10/2012 / Arduino

Created by Mike Pelletier and Geoffrey Lillemon at Random Studio, Toxoplasmosis Window Installation was created to introduce an interesting experience for the people that pass by the studio on a daily basis. The team came up with an idea for a psychedelic cat ...
    Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 21.42.11

22/10/2012 / ontheweb

Portable suitcase containing a led array displaying text. via Paper Pixel machine - BlipBlip.
    Golan Levin 02 copy
Golan Levin Following the success of the first Resonate festival that took place in March 2012, Magnetic Field B in collaboration with CreativeApplications.Net and Dom Omladine in Belgrade are pleased to announce the new edition of the festival, taking place 21-23 ...
    Facebook Demetricator 01 copy

22/10/2012 / Javascript

The use of self-tracking apps and devices is now so widespread that it is easy to overlook how much our thinking about 'personal analytics' is rooted in social web services. Urbana-Champaign-based media artist Benjamin Grosser's most recent project, Facebook Demetricator, ...

22/10/2012 / ontheweb

"I keep spinning the crystal to see all sides but I can never exactly see the side that is turned away" via I keep spinning the crystal to see all sides but I can never exactly... - but does it float.

22/10/2012 / Jobs-Archive

Company: King & Partners Location:  New York, USA Type: Freelance Category: Creative Code

22/10/2012 / ontheweb

Tim Stutts on what agencies/organizations are successfully interfacing with the creative coding community.

19/10/2012 / ontheweb

"It is easy to imagine fantasy as physical and myth as real. We do it... -" via but does it float.
    constructable_01 copy 2

19/10/2012 / c++, Featured, Java, Other

Created by Stefanie Mueller, Pedro Lopes, and Patrick Baudisch at Hasso Plattner Institute - Potsdam, the project introduces a new way of working with fabrication tools such as laser cutters and 3D printers by removing the CAD system from the ...
    nothings8 copy

18/10/2012 / iOS

Created by Constantijn Smit and developed by Artm Baguinski and Jan Misker, NOthings is an iPhone application which allows you to collect "no-things". The user can subtract, or better yet, abstract a simplified geometric shape from the picture. This shape is uploaded ...

18/10/2012 / Jobs-Archive

Company: Different Projects Location:  London, UK Type: Freelance Category: Creative Code
    ropes copy

18/10/2012 / Objects, Other

Created by Niklas Roy, “Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine” is a rope and pulley mechanism, installed in the staircase of the WRO Art Center in Wroclaw, Poland. The mechanism connects the sliding doors of the elevator in one floor with the elevator call ...
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