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    LA Game Space

30/11/2012 / Games

On first glance a vacant warehouse in downtown Los Angeles might read as derelict industrial space, but look a little closer and you can see the glimmer of a nascent world class media lab. Three weeks ago, LA Game Space ...

30/11/2012 / ontheweb

2013-14 Terminal Awards call for proposals. $500 stipend for web-based work, jurored by CAN's Greg J. Smith
    missing_install_02 copy

29/11/2012 / openFrameworks, Sound

Created along with the english indie band The xx, Matt Mets, Aramique Krauthamer and Kyle McDonald created an exhibit that incorporates the band’s music into a room full of stepper motor controlled speakers that pivot to follow listeners as they ...
    Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 10.08.59

29/11/2012 / ontheweb

13-15 December @ 923 Market St, San Francisco via Art Hack Day.
    clouds_02 copy

28/11/2012 / openFrameworks

RGB-D and "Clouds" needs no introduction on CAN but it is exciting that the project authors, James George and Jonathan Minard have just launched a Kickstarter to complete their interactive film and they need our support! CAN featured the project a number ...

28/11/2012 / ontheweb

The Chromosaturation creates an artificial environment composed of three color chambers, one red, one green and one blue that immerse the visitor in a completely monochrome situation. via Chromosaturation |

28/11/2012 / ontheweb

In collaboration with Hypersonic Engineering & Design and Kyle McDonald the team used LIDAR sensors via ZIGELBAUM + COELHO - Reach.
    pinokio_animatronic_lamp_04 copy
Created by Shanshan Zhou, Adam Ben-Dror and Joss Doggett, Animatronic Lamp is an exploration into the expressive and behavioural potentials of robotic computing. Using Processing, Arduino, and OpenCV, the Lamp is given an ability to be aware of its environment, ...
    vestalia_06 copy

27/11/2012 / Arduino, Objects

Some projects come unnoticed but they deserve to be in the CAN archive. Created by Stefan Schwabe sometime last year, Vestalia is an automated candle light which runs in an enclosed environment under a bell jar. The candle can be ignited and extinguished by a switch. ...

27/11/2012 / ontheweb

The Glockentar is a robotic glockenspiel triggered by plucking guitar strings. Each time a string is plucked a corresponding bell is struck by a solenoid placed above the bell. via Aaron Sherwood-Glockentar.

27/11/2012 / ontheweb

Reminds me of ART+COM piece from some years back. Galaxy Note II - Liquid Pixels - Samsung - YouTube.

27/11/2012 / Jobs-Archive

Company: Location:  London, UK Type: Full-Time Category: Coder Description is looking for a Digital Designer with 5 – 7 years professional experience to produce innovative and intuitive design solutions which successfully address complex client and marketing needs. The candidate will have the ability to create elegant designs, with ...
    Bahar Yurukoglu TRIANGULATION BLOG 04

27/11/2012 / ontheweb

creates interesting colourful environments using video projection over colourful pieces of plastics. via Bahar Yurukoglu | TRIANGULATION BLOG.

27/11/2012 / ontheweb

"Chomsky critiqued the field of AI for adopting an approach reminiscent of behaviorism, except in more modern, computationally sophisticated form" via Noam Chomsky on Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong - Yarden Katz - The Atlantic.

26/11/2012 / ontheweb

Cambridge researchers are to assess whether technology could end up destroying human civilisation. via BBC News - Risk of robot uprising wiping out human race to be studied.

26/11/2012 / ontheweb

Difficult not to like these.. via prosthetic knowledge — Glitch Throw Pillows by Stallio  A wide selection....
    Binatone Galaxy

26/11/2012 / Environment, Sound

In MP3: The Meaning of a Format, Jonathan Sterne observes "that it is no accident that so many media technologies are built around spinning mechanisms" while pointing to the grooves of a vinyl record and wound-down rolls of audio tape as examples ...

23/11/2012 / ontheweb

2 projets de David Galasse basés autour de la typographie. via Qualité Graphique Garantie — David Galasse.

23/11/2012 / ontheweb

The design is based around the Atmega 328 running the Arduino bootloader. There is a RN42-HID bluetooth module that allows serial communication between it and the microprocessor. via Arduino-based Handheld Bluetooth Game Controller #hackfriday « adafruit industries blog.

23/11/2012 / ontheweb

"Carbon pigment print on Hahnemuhle cotton paper mounted on aludibond in wood frame" LAMBERTO TEOTINO - Official Website.

23/11/2012 / ontheweb

"In the winter of 1969, the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog offered to computerize your kitchen." via Before the iPad, There Was the Honeywell Kitchen Computer | Wired Enterprise |
    Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 11.27.43 PM

23/11/2012 / ontheweb

A video by Toronto's Daniel Joseph on symbolic production in contemporary gaming.
    pigs 02 copy

22/11/2012 / iOS, Kids

When Mia, my daughter, was 1 she she knew how to unlock the iPhone. When she was two she was quite confident where things are and what apps she likes most. Now that is three she knows exactly what she ...

21/11/2012 / ontheweb

A simple piece of software got us through the dark ages of computing before the Internet allowed us to waste company time more effectively. via Evan Roth: BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER BADASS MOTHERFUCKER #BADA55.

21/11/2012 / ontheweb

Le Corbusier meets Albert Einstein at Princeton in 1946,via Explore – I had the pleasure of discussing the “Modulor” at....

21/11/2012 / ontheweb

61-year-old machine that was rebooted yesterday to become "the worlds oldest original working digital computer." via 1951 digital computer restored and rebooted - Boing Boing.

20/11/2012 / ontheweb

Unfolding is a library to create interactive maps and geovisualizations in Processing and Java via Unfolding Maps: Unfolding is a library to create interactive maps and geovisualizations in Processing and Java.
    FIFA DG - china copy 2

20/11/2012 / Flash, Processing

Created by Moritz Stefaner, Studio NAND, Jens Franke and produced by medienfabrik Gütersloh GmbH, The FIFA Development Globe visualizes FIFA's development work across the world. The related events and projects are placed on a 3D globe as colorful triangle based constructions, and can be filtered ...

19/11/2012 / ontheweb

A tactile interpretation of different modes of representation. Four paper objects mix print and screen formats. via Analogue/Digital - Evelin Kasikov – CMYK embroidery and Typographic Design – London.

19/11/2012 / ontheweb

Their products, called “Atoms” are little plastic blocks that house motors, sensors, and wireless-communication transmitters that allow for the construction of interactive experiences that can be manipulated manually or through an iPhone. via iPod Designer Invents Easy Interactive Building Blocks for ...
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