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Register Now! LISA 2013 November 1, 2013 – New York

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Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep

For the second year running, Leaders in Software and Art is hosting a conference that brings together software and electronic art with museums, galleries, advertising, start-ups, hacking, creative coding, and design.  Crossing boundaries between code, theory, art, business and innovation, LISA is a place to network, recruit, get up to speed, and be amazed.

LISA-transparent-logoOn November 1, a jam-packed event will strengthen the community of people who work at the intersection of art and technology, whether for passion, profit, or pleasure.   What cutting-edge technology is at the forefront of creativity today?  What differentiates the software art that’s getting into museums and private collections? How can you open source art and why should you care?  Is there a problem with interactive advertising?  Are Makers and Hackers the next Internet startups?

Time to move forward

Maybe you’ve been coding in Processing, but not in Processing for the Web, Processing.js.  Or maybe you’re discovering that limiting yourself to Photoshop and AfterEffects skills is not going to cut it if you intend to stay relevant in today’s design world.  Maybe it’s time for your museum to put a toe into so-called “New Media” art, but you don’t know where to begin.  Your job as a vanilla-ish coder could use a little more creativity.  Your marketing campaign could use a little more zest. Or maybe you need to find someone to make that new app you’ve been dreaming about – the one with the mind-exploding interactive visuals.  As many ways as there are for your passion and your work to meet at the intersection of art and technology, LISA is thinking it through for you, making it happen, and creating an experience where you can meet the people you need to move forward.  We want you to see what our artists are up to, meet folks to work with, and slingshot yourself ahead of the curve with what you see and hear at LISA.

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From Virtual to Real: Digital Art in a Museum and Gallery Context

As we begin the day, Christiane Paul, the mastermind of new media curation at the Whitney, leads a discussion with some of the most renowned artists and curators in the field: Lev Manovich, the man who literally wrote the book on new media theory; Lynn Hershman, arguably the most influential new media artist of our time; Magda Sawon, co-founder of one of the first galleries to focus on new media art; and John F. Simon Jr., the first artist to successfully place screens with computer programming in collections at MoMA, the Guggenheim, the Whitney, and LACMA.

Lynn Hershman-Leeson

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks from a collection of rockstars in the field of art and code will ensue, allowing you to hear from such industry luminaries as Joshua Davis, the all-over tattooed artist who visualized Watson so IBM’s servers could have a face on Jeopardy; Yucef Merhi, the funny and self-deprecating Venezuelan poet who made his name as a digital artist by hacking into the email of dictator Hugo Chavez; and Toni Dove, the performance artist who hauntingly manipulates avatars on stage by conjuring their body movements with her own gestures.

Joshua Davis

Panels on Open Source — DIY/Hardware Hacking/Maker Startups — Art and Advertising

The day continues with panels about art and open source, DIY/Maker startups, and art and advertising, featuring speakers that you can’t wait to meet like Bre Pettis, videoblogger and CEO of Makerbot; Scott Draves, inventor of the fractal flame algorithm and electric sheep; Hilary Mason, data scientist and co-founder of HackNY; and Gabriella Levine, the Oregon firefighter who developed a biomimetic robotic snake that became a drone sailboat cleaning up oil spills in New Orleans.

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There’s too much to describe, you’ll just have to show up

We promise that LISA you will see and hear about a wide range of interactive installations, hardware hacks, open source programs, creative applications, tips for data visualization, conceptual and communicative content, and a new narrative for software in the art world.  Add museums, galleries, advertising, and start-ups to that for an eye-opening experience that will keep you inspired for a whole year.  The afterparty will be lots of fun too.  We’ll meet you there!

What you need to know to get there:

Date: November 1, NYC 8 am- midnight (be sure to come in time for the Halloween parade the night before in the Village, and stay for the NYC Marathon on Sunday!)

Location: Tishman Auditorium, The New School, 66 West 16th Street — Register now

Visit the LISA2013 conference site to learn more.

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View last year’s conference videos on the LISA YouTube channel.