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push.inspiration 2012

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This autumn Munich will be all about the creative combination of design, code and new technologies. push.conference unites designers and developers from all around the globe to join a series of talks on trending topics.

On the 23rd and 24th of November, envis precisely invites designers and creative coders for a two-day event to the Bavarian capital. As co-hosts of the previous decoded conference, the team can look back at three successful design events already. The all-new push.conference for the first time extends the concept to an inspiration and a practice part covering the whole interactive and creative coding field and explore their importance in contemporary design.

At Fridays push.ux, lead designers of companies like BMW and Microsoft share their know-how on the development of interactive user interfaces for smartphones, web projects and even cars.

Main event day this year is the push.inspiration part, which follows the tradition of the inspiration events of the decoded series (decoded 2010 & decoded 2011). On Saturday November 24, six designers and artists from the interactive field give insights in their work and share their visions on the future development of interaction design.

Generative Design, Augmented Reality and Hardware-Tinkering

The day will be opened by Marius Watz, who is creating generative design for more than seven years already. While his initial projects where of an almost exclusively virtual nature, he meanwhile also became a pioneer in the creative use of 3D-printing, being the first artist-in-residence at MakerBot.

A second guest is Kyle McDonald from New York. The interaction artist, also a driving force behind openFrameworks, not only raised the attention of the US Secret Service with his project “People Staring At Computers”, when he programmed the Macs of an Apple-store to capture the faces of visitors and displayed them in a temporary exhibition.

With Julian Oliver, the winner of the well known Golden Nica 2011 (Ars Electronica Award) joins push.inspiration. Five years ago, his augmented reality project »levelHead« hit the blogosphere. In Munich, he will be speaking also about his new project “Newstweek”. During this, he successfully managed to manipulate news sites on computers of appointed networks.

Another highlight is Karsten Schmidt aka toxi. He is the creator of the highly received toxiclibs, a comprehensive open-source library for Processing. But also his own digital artworks were awarded a number of prices and are on display at MoMA New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Information Visualization and Interactive Installations

Self-titled „truth & beauty operator“ Moritz Stefaner invites to join him for “Adventures in Information Visualization” at push.conference. In a modern information-driven society, people like him succeed in visualizing complex amounts of data in a highly aesthetic and comprehensible way. In his talk, he will specifically address the challenges of working with real-time data as seen in his recent project “emoto” during the Olympic Games 2012.

The line-up is completed by Joachim Sauter, head of Berlin studio ART+COM. Already in the early 80s he was a pioneer at the intersection of design and technology – creating interactive stage setting for theaters, extensive multi-touch setups and reactive floor projections. Drawing from 25 years of professional experience, Joachim Sauter delivers his vision of the shift from digital to tangible in the interactive field.

The impulse for push.conference was born at Munich design studio envis precisely, incorporating their own work philosophy and spectrum. The conference combines the established field of user interface design and the creative use of new technologies and code by interaction designers. 700 designers and developers are expected to meet on the two days at BMW Welt and Alte Kongresshalle.

envis precisely, organizers and hosts of push.conference, are looking forward to a great event that connects the interactive field and inspires its visitors! Some tickets are available.

Speakers at push.inspiration

Kyle McDonald, New York
Julian Oliver, Berlin
Joachim Sauter, Berlin
Karsten Schmidt aka toxi, London
Moritz Stefaner, Bremen
Marius Watz, New York

Key facts

Conference: push.inspiration
Date: saturday, 24. November 2012
Location: Alte Kongresshalle München
Guests: ca. 600 visitors
Tickets (Regular): 99 EUR / student & startup discount available

Social: push.conference on twitter & Facebook