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Fractal4D [Air]


Fractal4D is an Adobe Air application that enables you to create wonderful radiating line effects and export them into apps such as Adobe Illustrator or as a standard PNG image file. There is a large number of options included such as ability to tweak the colours, blending, blur (lines drawn blur as you draw new ones on top), running full screen and turning the background transparent.

Well worth a play even if you don’t feel it may be appropriate for a project you are working on now, it’s definitely something to add to your palette of graphic generative tools for later.

The app was created by Matt Kenefick.

For more information and to follow the development, see

Download Fractal4d


F4D: General Options from mattkenefick on Vimeo.

Posted on: 19/05/2009

Posted in: Air

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    • Sean Money

      anyone know where this can be downloaded, or can you send me a copy?

    • Sean Money

      anyone know where this can be downloaded, or can you send me a copy?

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