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Spin Motion – Collaborative gyro stop-motions by Simeon Brandner (ECAL)

Created by Simeon Brandner, Spin Motion is a collaborative iPhone application that allows you to create and share gyro based stop-motions. The visualisation is effected by turning the iPhone, making the animation play forward or backward. 

The creation is made frame by frame. For each picture taken, a main line that crosses the screen trough its middle is a guide to align something on it. This line turns a few degrees after each shot to make a complete revolution. The baseline is created by using the guide remains horizontal when the screen rotates. The app also allows you to modifying others’ stop-motions by reworking them and sharing them back with the community.

The app was developed using Adobe Air and still in development. Expect it in the appstore in the next few weeks.

Simeon Brandner

Tutor: Alain Bellet, Gael Hugo, Christophe Guignard
ECAL / University of Art and Design, Lausanne Switzerland
Bachelor Media & Interaction Design