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Architecture in your Hand [iPhone, Android]


While experiments with iDevice and Android app development are ubiquitous, design publisher dpr-barcelona’s recent efforts with their Architecture in your Hand initiative are undoubtedly worth highlighting. A scheme hatched to rethink the speed and engagement associated with traditional publishing, Architecture in your Hand proposes a line of ‘mobile books’ that is both post-monograph and post-blog. RSS feeds track the activities of embedded writers, sites of interest are geolocated and annotated – these streams of content help expand the paramaters of a ‘static’ design publication and provide contrast and counterpoint to more standard content such as critical essays and photo-documentation of completed projects. dpr-barcelona editors César Reyes Nájera and Ethel Baraona Pohl describe the project as follows: “Considering that the main goal of a book is to store and transmit information added to the potential of networked learning, we have imagined that this concept can be expanded and spread. As being transmitted through a new basis, this information should be structured following a different mobile logic: enhancing immediacy, brevity, and simplicity. When atomizing the contents, we are sharing capsules of knowledge for the user to learn, share and interact with the city.”

U-Fields, the first instalment of Architecture in your Hand was launched in late August and it documented the incredible Unknown Fields summer visiting program (which saw a team of designers and artists venture into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone). The app allows a user to read (and comment on) transmissions from author/editor Will Wiles and the Supercollider agency and explore “field recordings, sketches… photography and fragments of thought, conversations and ideas.” The second project (due in early fall) will function as a sidebar to the forthcoming Situation Rooms book on ‘war rooms’ and related architectures of information and control. Reyes Nájera describes the ambition for the project as cultivating a “publishing scenario with no geographic or time limits” that capitalizes on the ubiquity of mobile devices and extends publications to architects and designers “every time they search for content and inspiration.”

Fore more information on Architecture in your Hand see the dpr-barcelona project page. U-Fields is free for iOS and Android.