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Energy Flow – Non-linear film experience by FIELD for the iOS and Android

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Created by London’s digital art and design collective Field, Energy Flow is a non-linear film experience created for the iOS and Android platforms that explores the physical, social and spiritual tensions in our world. The film is composed of multiple story lines into an immersive, audio-visual experience that is unique every time it is played. Marcus’ and Vera’s one year long project is now finally available for your perusal.

The bespoke algorithmic system of Energy Flow interlinks the stories into countless unique film experiences. 10 animated films, 8 music packs, approximately 300 A/V Clips, 1hr material, generative film composer, all evolve around four narratives – Life, Chance, Infinity and Riots.

Life takes a closeup look at two archetypical opponents of nature: leopard and impala. As energy flows through the animals, they are generatively transformed and recomposed revealing muscle structures and vessels.

The animals’ instinct-driven movements are framed into 8 scenes, like sculptures in motion: darting off for the hunt, sensing the danger; while colourful streams of energy flow through skin, muscles, veins, and nerves. With the range of Energy Flow Stories touching on many different themes, LIFE observes the most fundamental, biological cycle of energy: hunting and feeding, survival and death.

The second story in the Energy Flow series explores the indeterminate concept of chance, examining themes of cause and effect, order and chaos. Thousands of dice roll and collapse revealing the infinite number of deciding “luck” factors.

Through the familiar symbols of dice, EF-2: Chance looks at how small events can have great effects. From a handful of dice rolling and colliding on a game board, the scenes escalate into supernatural scenarios, before finally forming mathematical sculptures above the scale adorned board.

Super-computer landscapes present boundless, digital panoramas in Infinity. Modelled from real life server rooms, this theme attempts to reveal the invisible and ephemeral that surrounds us. Network flows, data, information in constant flux.

These vast computer data centres, the crucial backbones of our information super-highways, are made up of complicated wiring networks and perform almost infinite tasks. It’s through the power of these great digital beasts, that new discoveries about our world have been facilitated such as leaps in quantum physics and molecular modelling.

The fourth story in Energy Flow turns fragmented memories of the London Riots into digital paintings.

Over the last few years our world has been shaken up with the London Riots, Arab Spring, Occupy Movement and protests across Europe. Established systems that were a fixed part of our world view, be it the financial system and its absurd concept of infinite growth, or the polictical order in the Arabic countries, are failing, turned upside down or are coming to a halt.

FIELD also collaborated with German sound artist David Kamp to drive the sound and music composition from the system, creating a one-off soundtrack blending experimental electronica with classical instruments for each iteration of Energy Flow. Other collaborations include Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Maxim Meshkov (DXMIQ), Sergio Calderon, Vincent Houzé, Daniel Forgacs, Cai Matthews, Christos Parliaros, Soham Ramteke, Dawid Skrodzki, Jens Martensson, Lukasz Burnet, Nenad Mitrovic, Michael Spokas, Massimo Righi, Viktoria Anselm, Jimmy Johansson with iOS development by RenderHeads and website by Theo Tilberg.

Created with and supported by The Creators Project Digital Gallery.

Download for iOS | Download for Android | Project Page

FIELD is a studio for digital art and design based in London, creating expressive and dynamic artworks for digital platforms. Their works explore colour, life, and infinity through new technology and a research-led approach – hi-tech audiovisual experiences with a human touch.

Founded by Intel and VICE, The Creators Project is a global arts initiative that supports visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology to push the boundaries of creative expression. The project includes a daily blog and video channel, a content-creation studio, and a traveling event series.

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