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Lamp North [Arduino, Objects]


Created by Andreas Müller, the lamp North is based around the simple idea that wherever you are in the world, there is always another place out there that is important to you and you have a relationship with. The lamp visualises this relationship by giving out more light the more directly it points towards this location, the (magnetic) north pole in the case in the case of this lamp but idea is that a future version will allow you to specify the lat/long coordinates of a place in the world, where a loved one lives or the place you were born, to use as it’s point of reference.

More details + video below.

Technically it’s based around the Arduino Nano, and a CMPS03 Compass Module.

Andreas first started off trying to dim a normal 250V lightbulb with a Velleman K8064 dimmer circuit, which worked well light wise, but was a bit dangerous. Andreas says that he could have been imagining it, but he thought he could feel the air in the room change whenever the circuit was running.

Self preservation drove him to re-design the circuit around 12V leds ( is a great place for those) and ended up with a circuit you don’t have to be quite as careful around (video below).

The actual shape of the lamp was laser cut out of perspex and glued together.

More wonderful work by Andreas is available @