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Pachube [WebApp, iPhone, Android]


Pachube is a web service that enables you to store, share & discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world. Founded by Usman Haque, architect and director at Haque Design + Research, Pachube is a culmination of 12 years of ongoing work. In a nutshell, Pachube is a little like YouTube, except that, rather than sharing videos, Pachube enables people to monitor and share real time environmental data from sensors or devices that are connected to the Internet. These do not only have to be environmental but also personal, such as weight, mood and many more ideas on how to use Pachube available here. Pachube makes it as simple as possible to build applications, products and services that bridge physical and virtual worlds. Using extensive API documentation, Pachube is easy to use with Processing, Java, openFrameworks, Ruby, Perl, and many other programming languages as well as hardware platforms such as Phidgets and Arduino.

Pachube adds value to physical interconnectivity: it’s not just about datastreams, but about the environments that make up the datastreams.

Last week, Data Logger, the official Pachube iPhone app was released in the App Store (free). Data Logger for iPhone enables you to store and graph any data of your choosing along with a timestamp and geolocation. You might use Data Logger to store electricity meter readings, to create maps of pollution or temperature sensor readings around your neighbourhood, or animal sightings around the city. You can also set up custom data feeds, with user-defined min and max values, tags, description and units. For more apps, including Android, see

To use the web service or the application on the iPhone you will need an account. For now, Pachube is in a private beta and to sign up you will need an invitation code, available either from friends using Pachube or by emailing beta [ at] pachube [ dot ] com with a couple of lines about what you would like to do with Pachube. Unfortunately we did not receive any invites with our account so if you are really interested in Pachube drop the team an email.

Project key members include: Usman Haque, creative director, Sam Mulube, technical producer, website development, Chris Leung, EEML developer and Ai Hasegawa, designer.

Useful links:

– (the home of Pachube)
–… (interview with Pachube’s founder)
– (ideas on what you can use Pachube for) (Software & hardware platforms)

This is a video of Morgellon‘s first Pachube project. There are two light sensors to an Arduino. One sensor measure light levels in his room, the other measures light levels outside. The Arduino is connected to a computer running Processing, and it forwards the sensor data to Pachube.
View the sensor data at
Find out more details at

Video of non-invasive Mains energy monitoring using a CT sensor and arduino – displaying real power on 7 segment display and posting data to both pachube and google appspot. A part of the project.