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PhonoPaper for iOS/Android – Graphical sound generator and writer

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Created by Alexander Zolotov, and based based on the unique Russian synthesizer ANS by Evgeny Murzin, PhonoPaper is a format of graphical representation of the sound (music, human voice, etc.); in other words, it is the 2D audio barcode (by analogy with the QR-code). The app, available for both iOS and Android is also a real-time PhonoPaper-code reader (using the camera).

PhonoPaper app allows code generator (sound to image converter) so the messages in print format can be re-read by the software. PhonoPaper-code is analogue, so it is not so sensitive to different types of the image distortion (bad camera, dark picture, wrinkled paper, etc.). Likewise, PhonoPaper-code can be drawn by hand (paper version of the Virtual ANS synth). You can leave coded voice messages (or pieces of music) on the billboards, posters, postcards, goods. You can also create audio labels for phono records or leave audio examples in textbooks, secret messages, art-experiments and of course learn the basics of the spectral music.

Project Page | Alexander Zolotov | AppStore (free) | Android

h/t Jeremy Rotsztain 


  • adams

    Thank you for your information.

  • Marina joes

    Phonopaper is a free app for iOS or Android allows you to
    hand-draw sounds. It is based on the Russian ANS synthesizer. We able to draw
    secret sound messages with phonopaper. We are all used to see sound through the
    notes and staves of traditional sheet music or the visual equalizers. But it
    approaches visualization differently. It is a free app for Android and iOS that
    purports to turn sound into visual codes that can be printed out and played
    back by anyone else with the app. falcon marketing