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Precocious Mouse #1 [Android, Sound]


Android 7″ tablet optimised album release from Precocious Mouse and friends, this app created by Caleb Wood, a musician working in London, combines sounds, generative visuals and photography accompanying each audio track. The text is supplied by invited artists, musicians, and composers.

The sound is typically characterised as glitch, with an abstract approach to rhythm and construction. Individual sounds are often sourced and microsamples from a variety of sources, from recordings of electricity meters to raw data translations of Polish driver education manual pdfs.

To navigate through the pages, swipe left and right, and up / down for extended length pages. To play the associated track, tap the ‘play’ button. This application is optimised for tablets running at a resolution of 600×1024, and has been hardware tested on the original Galaxy Tab 7″, and requires the air runtime on the device.

Unfortunately I don’t have an Android device or tablet to test (anyone at google hearing this!!?) but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Released under creative commons license by the Sicilian based netlabel Brusio.

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  • Awesome idea, but doesn’t format well to 10″ tablets (trying it on a Galaxy Tab 10.1″). Still, for free, that’s not much of a complaint. Great music and nice design.

  • Thanks Kyle. Its refreshing to see this on the Android platform, I just wish there was more…

  • Hi qdot – thanks for the comment :) yes, it’s formatted for the orignal galaxy tab and other 7″ tablets – will be hitting a 10″ app for the next release if I can get my office to spring the cash for one for me ;)

  • Helen

    I really love the concept!