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Rymdkapsel – New game by Martin ‘grapefrukt‘ Jonasson

rymdkapsel 01 copy

It’s been a while since we at CAN were excited about an upcoming game for the iOS. Maybe it is just optimism, but rymdkapsel by Martin ‘grapefrukt‘ Jonasson brings back the memories of Edge just before it was released. Besides Eliss, Edge was one of those few games that defined the iOS platform. Now, currently in development rymdkapsel may be the next one.

rymdkapsel is a game where you take command of a space station and its minions. You will have to plan your expansion and manage your resources to explore the galaxy. Coming to the iOS, Android, the web and, just newly announced, the PlayStation Vita, rymdkapsel starts you with the barest of space stations and sees you expanding outward into the surrounding star system, brick by straight-up Tetris brick (venuspatrol).

Your progress is hampered not just by the selection of bricks you’re able to choose from to plan your next expansion — which, performed poorly, can block off (no pun) the passageways that connect all rooms — but also by waves of enemy ships that appear at regular, and increasingly rapid intervals, forcing your crew to drop everything they’re attending to and scramble to defense rooms to shoot them down.

For all its soft-synth and simple-shape simplicity, Jonasson’s manage to eke out a ton of life and character from the world, and the game’s nicely forming into a fantastically addictive whole — an early build ofRYMDKAPSEL accompanied me on my flight home from GameCity and refused to unhook me until my iPad battery ran dry.

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Available for Playstation Mobile, iOS, Android and Flash in early 2013.