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Space Physics [Android, Games]

Space Physics 1/2

Released in 2009 and developed by Camel Games, Space Physics is … (ok, you guessed), a physics game for Android with something like, let’s say, a “neo-retro-gaming-tron-like” design.

Your goal is to help a little green ball reach a shiny star (or many of them) in a gravity environment (uses box2d physics engine), through a solid structure made of static and sometimes moving elements (usualy in white) which, in this case, can be moved or animated. If the ball goes outside of the screen limits, another one drops at the same initial location. The only aim is to do it as quick as possible, having no time limit. Note that you’re not tight to a level-by-level progression as well and can jump to any of the 80 currently existing ones (for the full version) whenever you want.

To complete a level, the green ball can be slowly moved via a double-tap or pushed, carried and guided by the elements that you draw on screen. Elements kind (wire, wheel, gear) is defined by how and where you draw them. They later can be erased via a double-tap or by shaking your device. Round shapes are turned into wheels which can roll on underneath structures, unless drawn in the middle of a solid structure, in which case they become a gear and have a fixed position. Free shapes fall on underneath structures and can be used as guides, hooks, trampolines, …
Free shapes or wheels can also be attached to a gear, in which case, they can rotate, until they hit (or push) another element. Finally, you can also link two wheels, turning them is a sort of a car.

These elements thus can be combined in a lot of different ways to help you reach you goal. And that’s where the real added value of this game is, in a sense that there is not a single approximative path to complete a level, unlike many other games of this kind. There are as many paths as your imagination and elements combination skills can elaborate. And as you gain experience, you’ll probably want to go back to previous levels and do a better score.

Developed by Camel Games
Platform: Android
Version: 1.8.0
Cost: free (10 levels), $1.99 for the full version (80 levels)
Available from: Android Market