An Sich (The Thing Itself) – The significance of physical manifestation of information

Created by Schunck Dölker (Felix Dölker and Florian Schunck) and first shown at Unwrap (University for Applied Sciences Darmstadt), An Sich explores perception and processing of information in a time that is characterized by changes in the way information is consumed. The installation poses the question of the significance of physical manifestation of information and creates access to individually created meaning in a audible, visual as well as tactile way.

In a constant schizoid flow, the term first used by the French philosophers Deleuze & Guattari in „Rhizom” published in 1977, fragments of German poems are randomly recited and simultaneously printed. This process imitates the pouring in of diverse often fortuitous stimulations in a way that is analogous to digital media. The use of poetry encourages the creation of new aesthetic patterns. The accumulated pile of small pieces of paper becomes the nonlinear memory of the past and illustrates the transitory nature of information in the digital age. Therefore it acts as a tangible archive in contrast to the intangible digital flows of information while at the same time providing inspiration for a new order and the creation of new meaningful combinations of fragments: the recipient becomes an active part of the installation.

The installation uses an Intel NUC for the creation of the prints as well as the simultaneous playback of the audio material using custom Software developed in Visual Basic. Paper-feeding is realized using an Arduino with a motor shield, an ultrasonic sensor and a NEMA17 stepper motor. The main frame is CNC-machined from 18mm birch multiplex wood, additional parts were laser-cut from clear Plexiglas. The whole piece rests on steel rails within an old wooden ladder.

Schunck Dölker

An Sich_03

An Sich_01

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