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LINKKI – Kinetic construction toy

Created by Eun Young Park as a part of her MA thesis (New Media) at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, LINKKI is a kinetic construction toy based on planar linkage mechanism which allows users to design and prototype kinetic movements. Consisting of a modular box, bars and circles, and active/interactive modules, LINKKI is intended to simplify movement construction but remain versatile as an educational tool and designer’s prototyping tool.

The kit is designed with expansion in mind, allowing the use of additional sensor modules to be attached. For example a signal meter or visualiser can be built on top of it the kit and when coupled with an appropriate sensor, i.e., the weather sensor, push sensor could trigger an interesting behaviour. The kit was made from birch wood, PLA and metal and includes an Arduino, Servo motor, sensors and other electronics. Parts were 3D printed, CNC milled and some hand crafted. See video for more.

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  • yoric9

    Hi I’m a designer of LINKKI, I’m afraid something wrong happened to my project page above. Here is the new link to the work. Sorry for this.

  • KurtS

    great design!

  • Monika Mayer

    Love the design of this. We are currently working on a basic kit for linkages for our science center at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA, USA. Is your kit available or do you need programs for pilot testing? I’d love to be in touch.

  • yoric9

    Thank you for your interest. This is not a final product. But I do workshop. Pls. Contact me by yoric9 at gmail dot com