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Ninety Six – Inflatable pixels by Nils Völker


Latest in the series of installations by Nils Völker is Ninety Six, a site specific setup for the exhibition Höhenrausch at the OÖ Kulturquartier, in Linz, Austria. The plastic bags are selectively inflated and deflated in controlled rhythms, creating wavelike mega pixel animations across the wall of the gallery.

Inside each module there are eight cpu cooling fans inflating and deflating each bag in variable speeds. In total, just under a 1000 fans in 96 bags, move about 30 cubic meters of air. The whole set is controlled by a single Arduino board with shift registers attached to it. In this way every single bag could be controlled fully independently. Although each bag is mounted in a stationary position, the sequences of inflation and deflation create the impression of movements. Forms appear from the net-like matrix and disappear back into the surface.

For more information on this, and previous project installs, see links below.

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