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Tactilu – Bracelet for remote tactile communication

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Created by the panGenerator collective in partnership with CheilTactilu is a research project embracing remote haptic/tactile communication. The device takes a form of a bracelet capable of transmitting the touch between two individuals via bluetooth and internet connection provided by the smartphones. It is based on technologies like flexinol wire for actuation of touch and QTC ( quantum tunneling composite ) on the touch sensor layer.

The bracelet is comprised of two elements, one for sending data and the other for receiving. Touch sensor located on the upper side of the bracelet converts swipes into tactile/haptic motion on the receiving device. Created using custom Arduino pro mini, custom pcb with bluetooth module ( 3.0 since Android does not natively support BT 4.0 right now), custom pcb with QTC ( quantum tunneling composite ) sensors ( 5 of them + interpolation ),  custom pcb controlling five flexinol wire actuators, li-poly battery with current controller / charger and a custom 3d printed enclosure. Software is comprised of Arduino / C for controlling hardware and communication via bluetooth, Java / Android SDK for app running on the smartphone and NODE.js – server for sending touch signals via internet.

The device is currently an early alpha version – the next version will be about 50% slimmer and the temporary textile strip will be replaced with casted polyurethane.

panGenerator | Vimeo | Cheil

panGenerator is an interdisciplinary new media art group, established after famous MediaLab in Chrzelice in 2010. Their goal is to combine design and art with modern technologies and to operate outside the borders between different fields by cooperation with specialists – engineers, fashion designers, musicians and programmers. Apart from from their work in the creative realm they want to be active in sharing their knowledge and educating on utilizing new technologies in art and design. They support creative commons and opensource initiatives. 

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