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Experimental computational designer. Based in The Hague, The Netherlands.
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Generative Typography with Processing – Tutorial

Through an inspiring tutorial with 26 code examples Amnon Owed shows you how to use Processing to explore the creative possibilities of generative typography.

22/07/2014 in Featured&Processing&Tutorials
AmnonOwed-GTS-GLSL_SphereDisplacement01 copy

Geometry, Textures & Shaders with Processing – Tutorial

From custom geometry to adding textures to 2D and 3D shapes, Amnon Owed shows you practical examples of a number of crucial building blocks for 2D/3D Processing projects.

21/05/2013 in Featured&Members&Processing&Tutorials
nature of code 01 copy

“Nature of Code” by Daniel Shiffman – Natural systems using Processing

Processing enthusiasts rejoice! There is a new book coming by Daniel Shiffman and it’s called Nature of Code. As it’s title implies this book takes phenomena that naturally occur in our physical world and shows you how to simulate them with code.

02/11/2012 in Featured&Processing&Review

Kinect Physics Tutorial for Processing

In this hands-on tutorial I will walk you through the steps needed to turn YOU into an interactive virtual polygon. How awesome is that? To realise our creative end goal we will be using Processing and several of it’s contributed libraries. Obviously I will not be covering all the aspects or possibilities of these libraries. […]

17/09/2012 in Featured&Processing&Tutorials
glsl-01 copy

Playing With GLSL in Processing – Initial Experiments [Tutorials]

I’ve wanted to learn more about GLSL shaders for a while now. GLSL is a high-level shading language created to give developers more direct control of the graphics pipeline. In short, you can tell your GPU directly what it should be doing. These last two months I’ve been reading up on syntax and diving into shader development […]

17/06/2012 in Processing&Tutorials
Amnon Owed - ARtut 03

Augmented Reality with Processing [Tutorial, Processing]

All of the visuals in the above video were created using NyArtoolkit for Processing. NyARToolkit is an augmented reality toolkit built with 100% pure Java. It is derived from ARToolkit-2.72.1. Like Processing itself it’s open source and free! In this tutorial you will learn how to use it to place computer generated imagery correctly onto […]

22/12/2011 in Featured&Processing&Tutorials
Toxiclibs BreakCircle by Amnon Owed

Working with Toxiclibs [Processing, Tutorial]

Would you like to create what you see in those videos? Well, read on! Because in this article I will show you how you can do just that using Processing and Toxiclibs. As Processing’s biggest open source collection of libraries, Toxiclibs can assist you in areas like geometry, physics, math and color. With so much […]

05/05/2011 in Processing&Tutorials
Hemesh - Amnon Owed 01

Hemesh and HemeshGui [Processing]

Hemesh is an exciting Processing library by Frederik Vanhoutte (W:Blut) that can be used to create elaborate 3D shapes quickly. It is an implementation of the half-edge datastructure, hence the name Hemesh. What makes this datastructure interesting is it’s inherent ability to store connectivity information. So it’s much more than just a list of vertices […]

22/12/2010 in Processing