David Wallin

David Wallin is the developer of bleep!BOX, bleep!Synth and several VST instrument plugins under the banner of White Noise Audio Software. Currently employed as a Design Technologist at the Archer Group specializing in Flash and other web technologies. He released one of the first Open Source libraries for DIY multitouch tables known as touchlib.
Posts by David Wallin:

NodeBeat [iPhone, iPad, oF, Sound]

NodeBeat is a generative music app for the iPhone and iPad in the style of apps like Bloom. In it, gently drifting nodes interact with pulsing triggers producing minimal soundscapes. It offers several options to tailor the parameters of the music generation. The overall experience is very soothing and meditative; background gradients  swirl through prismatic […]

25/04/2011 in iOS&openFrameworks&Sound

Reactable Mobile [iPhone, iPad, Sound]

The reactable got it it’s start before the iPhone and iPad brought multitouch to the masses. It began as an experiment into new forms of computer interaction, both for music applications and multi-user, multi-touch applications in general. The first iteration of the Reactable was an installation that featured tangible blocks representing different sound modules that […]

08/10/2010 in iOS&Sound

Dmitry Fyodorov – Shapeless [iPhone, Sound]

Shapeless: The Drum Machine can be looked at two ways – one the one hand, it’s a drum machine with 10 different sample kits. On the other hand, it’s a new form of interactive album that is just starting to enter the collective consciousness. In the past, you’d go to the store and buy a […]

26/05/2010 in iOS&Sound

Circuit Synth [iPhone, Sound]

Circuit Synth is a very simple and fun modular synthesizer for the iPhone. It allows you to hook up to six modules up in any order. The interface is very easy and friendly and even people not familiar with synthesis might have some fun with it and may even learn a thing or two. The […]

11/05/2010 in iOS&Sound

Audiotool [Flash, Sound, WebApp]

Audiotool is a fantastic example of why Adobe Flash is still relevant in a world where many web developers are calling for it’s early demise. Audiotool.com is a fairly complete electronic music studio in web app form. It’s something that would have been impossible just a couple of Flash versions ago, but since Adobe added […]

26/03/2010 in Flash&Sound&WebApp

Sampletoy [iPhone, Sound]

From the author of Thump comes his latest app Sampletoy. As it’s name would imply, Sampletoy is about having fun with sound. At it’s core, Sampletoy is a simple sampler. It lets you record audio using the iPhone microphone and play it back at different pitches. You can set the loop points for the recording […]

15/03/2010 in iOS&openFrameworks&Sound

ProLoop [iPhone, Sound]

ProLoop is an audio loop playing and sound experimentation app from Trapcode. It features a pretty cool looking interface that shows the waveform of each loop as it plays. It can play up to 6 loops and you can mix and pan each independantly. Where ProLoop shines is it’s ability to mangle your loops by […]

06/02/2010 in iOS&Sound

NUI Framework – ObjectiveC Alternatives [iPhone, C++]

iPhone development is red hot right now, with thousands of individual developers and big brands trying to carve out a miniscule piece of the Apple’s rather large pie for themselves. Aside from the profit aspect, there are many creative programmers looking to experiment with a powerful, hand-held, multitouch multitouch device. With it’s advanced features, such […]

29/12/2009 in c++&iOS

TweakyBeat [iPhone, Sound]

It’s well known that I am a fan of analog drum boxes – especially quirky ones like Tweaky Beat. Tweaky Beat allows you to make loops of analog drum sounds (generated ones, not samples). In terms of functionality, this app gives you just enough. It is monophonic and there are only a few parameters, but […]

09/12/2009 in iOS&Sound

SunVox [iPhone, Sound]

SunVox is a modular sequencing application that has been ported to almost every platform under the sun (sorry, terrible pun). It’s especially targeted to mobile platforms – in addition to working on Windows, Mac and Linux, it also works on PalmOS, Windows Mobile, and now the iPhone. I spent a little time with the iPhone […]

02/11/2009 in iOS&Sound

Star6 [iPhone, Sound]

Star6 is a DJ or perfomance oriented music app that allows you to play loops and control several different effects on said loops. It’s very much geared towards glitchy music since the included effects allow you to slice, chop, stutter, gate, pitch shift, filter, and otherwise destroy your samples. This app gets big points for […]

12/10/2009 in iOS&Sound

Euphonics [iPhone, Sound]

Euphonics is a relaxing musical toy in the style of Bloom. Like Bloom it features a large space for tapping out piano notes. Multitouch is supported (yay!). By default, notes are locked to a specific scale, so no matter what you play it sounds good. You can also turn this feature off, to play chromatic […]

08/09/2009 in iOS&Sound