Ryoji Ikeda1

Ryoji Ikeda [Profile]

Japan’s leading electronic composer Ryoji Ikeda focuses on the minutiae of ultrasonics, frequencies and the essential characteristics of sound itself. His work exploits sound’s physical property, its causality with human perception and mathematical dianoia as music, time and space. Using computer and digital technology, Ikeda has been developing particular “microscopic” methods for sound engineering and […]

Carbon by Tabor Robak

Carbon [Mac, Windows]

Carbon is a piece of software for Mac and PC created by Tabor Robak that looks at the transition between the real and the virtual. While some true qualities of physicality are lost in digitization this is made up for by creating new ways to communicate and new opportunities to use material and scale expressively. […]

Maintenance, Repair and Operations AV 1

Maintenance, Repair and Operations AV [vvvv]

“Maintenance, Repair and Operations” is a live audio/visual performance project by Refik Anadol (formerly co-founder of GRIDUO) in collaboration with Sebastian Neitsch and TRYEK that took place in Linz’s Tabakfabrik during the opening night of Ars Electronica Festival – Frozen Music, 2010. The project had been prepared in After Effects and Cinema4D, the live visual part […]


New Angles [Objects]

‘Seeing things from different angles, changing the perception of what we are seeing’ – New Angles is an interactive installation reflecting the juxtaposition of subversive thinking and visual perception. The project was created by SuperNature, the knowed Shanghai based multi-discipline design company which is specialized in interactive design, visual communication & media technology. New Angles […]


Circuit Explorations [openFrameworks, Processing]

Eva Schindling (Austria) creates hardware and software solutions in the interdisciplinary zone between art, science, technology and design.  This project called “Circuit Explorations” is one of her last projects which studies in complex and emerging electronic circuits. “Circuit Explorations” addresses the questions if any system has the potential to show emergent behavior as long as […]


Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus [Objects]

The “Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus” was designed by Julius von Bismarck & Benjamin Maus. It is a drawing machine that illustrates a never-ending story by translating words of text into patent drawings. Seven million patents — linked by over 22 million references — form the vocabulary. By using references to earlier patents, it is possible to find […]


Spiral Wall [Processing]

Spiral_Wall was designed by P&A LAB based in Taiwan. P&A LAB aims to  explore possibilities of interactive installations and digital form in architecture through programming. The concept is to use cell membrane structure as a subject body, transparent but clearly defined to instigate an atmosphere through light. Installation is made out of 12 single elements, each […]