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A-B-Z-TXT – Call for Participants

Registration for A-B-Z-TXT, the ‘school for 21st century typography’ we are collaborating to present in Toronto this August is now open. Join us for four days of masterclasses (with LUSTlab and N O R M A L S), workshops, and incisive lectures and discussion!

06/07/2016 in CAN Events

Bass Bins, VR Headsets, and Beyond – MUTEK 2016

CAN’s report on the audiovisual highlights (and our participation) in the 17th edition of Montréal’s venerable MUTEK festival.

22/06/2016 in CAN Events

Artists and users regain control of technology at Sónar+D 2016

Sónar+D 2016, the 4th International Congress for Digital Culture and Creative Technologies will be held in Barcelona on 16, 17 and 18 June and takes place within Sónar by Day.

20/05/2016 in Events

A-B-Z-TXT – A School for 21st Century Typography

Building on the experience of our past educational programming at ACT Festival, Resonate, and Circle of Light, CAN has partnered to launch a new initiative in Toronto this August. Our first North American event, A-B-Z-TXT is a school for 21st century typography.

18/05/2016 in CAN Events

Encounters & Revelry at MUTEK 2016

The CAN/HOLO team is headed to Montréal for the 16th edition of MUTEK. A celebration of the best and brightest in audiovisual performance, we’ll be having ‘HOLO Encounters’ with several of the festival’s featured artists.

17/05/2016 in CAN Events

Kadenze Names May the International Month of Creative Code

Kadenze offers the opportunity to learn creative coding from world renowned instructors and artists. Explore p5.js and the nature of code. Learn ChucK, JavaScript, and web coding. Turn your Arduino into a machine-learning controller.

03/05/2016 in Education

Technarte – International Conference on Art and Technology, 19/20 May 2016, Bilbao

Technarte is a two-day conference programme with international artists, scientists, researchers, technologists and academics gathering to show the most innovative and amazing projects linking their respective fields. 19/20 May 2016, Bilbao

11/04/2016 in Events

Resonate 2016 / 12–16 April / Belgrade

Resonate is back to celebrate its fifth anniversary in Belgrade from 12th to 16th of April, 2016, providing an insight into the current developments in the fields of digital culture, visual arts and music.

01/04/2016 in Events

Kadenze: The Future of Creative Education

Kadenze brings together the world’s leading educators, artists, and engineers to create an online community where we can learn art and creative technology. From generative graphics and creative coding to physical modeling synthesis for games and interactive systems, the Kadenze catalog is full of courses designed specifically for artists and it’s growing larger every day.

01/03/2016 in Education

Emergent Digital Practices (EDP) at the University of Denver

Calling all tinkerers, digital explorers, techno¬-cultural critics, and visionaries of new worlds — University of Denver has a place for you to grow, experiment, and thrive. Emergent Digital Practices (EDP) brings together art, design, digital tools, culture, and technology studies in a hands-on, collaborative environment.

09/11/2015 in Education

Two weeks till Gwangju: ACT Festival / November 25-28, South Korea

As the ACT Center in Gwangju, South Korea, and an all-star cast of more than sixty international artists, designers and cultural producers gear up for the inaugural edition of ACT Festival, the details of our four day program have begun to roll out – here are the highlights.

08/11/2015 in CAN Events

MUTEK_IMG – Take a Deep Dive into VR and Immersive Media

Taking place in Montréal on Oct 1st-3rd, the second edition of MUTEK_IMG takes a deep dive into the creative possibilities of VR and immersive media.

24/09/2015 in CAN Events