Jerome Saint Clair

Jerome Saint-Clair (aka 01010101) is a programmer and digital artist based in Brunoy, France.
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Android Market - Publish

From Processing to the Android Market [Tutorial]

photo by Lei Gao Introduction In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to sign and publish a Processing/Android sketch to the Android Market. Note that the signing process should be automated and accessible from the PDE quite soon. You can follow this specific issue here and get an alert when the bug is fixed. > Pre-requisites […]

27/04/2011 in Android&Processing&Tutorials
Space Physics 1/2

Space Physics [Android, Games]

Released in 2009 and developed by Camel Games, Space Physics is … (ok, you guessed), a physics game for Android with something like, let’s say, a “neo-retro-gaming-tron-like” design. Your goal is to help a little green ball reach a shiny star (or many of them) in a gravity environment (uses box2d physics engine), through a […]

28/01/2011 in Android&Games