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Small, Programmable, Wearable and Cheap – Enjoying the ATTiny85 Tutorial

Wouldn’t it would be nice to have something small, programmable, cheap, and power efficient that could do *some* of what an Arduino can do and had the same easy tools to use with it? Well there is: the ATTiny85!

10/04/2013 in Arduino&Featured&Members&Tutorials
starrynight02 copy

Van Gogh’s Starry Night Interactive by Petros Vrellis [openFrameworks, iPad]

Petros Vrellis has created an interactive visualisation and synthesizer that animates Vincent Van Goghs “Starry Night”, using openframeworks to create a simple and elegant interaction. A fluid simulation gently creates a flowing fabric from Van Goghs impressionist portrait of the Milky Way and night sky over Saint-Rémy in France using the thick paint daubs as […]

09/02/2012 in iOS&openFrameworks

Shaders, Geometry, and the Kinect – Part 1 [Cinder, Tutorials]

By Stephen Schieberl and Joshua Noble We’ve heard it plenty of times when people are talking about working with the Kinect: “we’ll just get the point cloud and turn it a mesh”. You may have even thought that yourself at some point, “this is going to be easy” Well, it’s actually fairly difficult to do […]

12/01/2012 in c++&Cinder&Featured&Tutorials

Daito Manabe: being real about being material [Theory]

An artist with a background in DJ-ing, electronic music, and visuals for clubs in Japan and now all over the world, Daito Manabe tends to make virtual things real, rather than vice versa. One of the things that I find most compelling in the work of Daito is the materiality, the viscerality of the means […]

22/05/2011 in Featured&Theory

Guide to Meshes In Cinder [Cinder, Tutorials]

Introduction Written by Joshua Noble, with images by Robert Hodgin This article is going to cover two things in great detail: vertices and meshes and how they are handled in Cinder. There are a few different names for things that may be new to you in this tutorial which I’ll lay out for you right at the […]

21/03/2011 in Cinder&Tutorials
Blow Up

“A Philosophy of Computer Art” by Dominic Lopes [Books, Review]

A Philosophy of Computer Art is a text that may interest some readers of as it covers the intersection of computing and art, discussing some of the classics of interactive art, and doing a lot of thinking about what art that uses computers actually is. In it Dominic Lopes does several things very well: […]

23/12/2010 in Featured&Review&Theory

Images in Cinder [Tutorials, Cinder]

Written by Joshua Noble, with images by Robert Hodgin In this little tutorial we’re going to follow a path that starts with a file on the filesystem, say a PNG file, and ends with the image being drawn to the screen using OpenGL. // probably in your App’s setup() method gl::Texture texture = loadImage( "image.jpg" ); // […]

13/12/2010 in Cinder&Tutorials

Wireless + Arduino + oF [Tutorial]

In the last tutorial we used an openFrameworks application to control a process running on an Arduino board. In this tutorial we’re going to reverse that and use an Arduino board to control an openFrameworks application that’s playing back music and we’ll do it wirelessly and (relatively) inexpensively. The electronics in this tutorial are a […]

21/07/2010 in Featured&openFrameworks&Sound&Tutorials

Arduino + Servo + openCV Tutorial [openFrameworks]

One of the my favorite things about has always been the small tags one can find beneath the name of an application indicating among other things, the technology used to create it. That little nod to the process and to all the work that went into creating the libraries and techniques that an artist […]

28/06/2010 in Featured&openFrameworks&Tutorials