Matt Pearson

Matt is an author, artist and programmer working with code and generative tools.
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Night of the Living Dead (1968) - source

Social Networking With The Living Dead – Matt Pearson

In this social networking microcosm where the living, content generators, the dead, automated bots, spammers all share a peaceful coexistence, Matt Pearson questions his “other” self who speaks his language and says just the kind of things he would say.

29/04/2013 in Featured&Theory

No-one Ever Cried At A Website – Matt Pearson

Guest writer Matt Pearson discussed the maturity of code as an artist medium in this first in the series article written for CAN and also published in ebook format.

09/04/2013 in Featured&Theory

Generative Art In HTML5 [Processing, JavaScript, Tutorial]

(A Generative Art Lost Chapter) Through the process of writing Generative Art there were various tangents and miscellaneous-mad-shit that, usually in the name of brevity and clarity, ended up on the cutting room floor. What follows is one such tangent reworked into a brief tutorial. In the week that the Processing 2.0 Beta gets its […]

09/09/2011 in Javascript&Processing&Scripts&Tutorials