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CityScape – Characteristic of Copenhagen in a landscape mosaic / Plask

cityscape01 copy

CityScape is a collection of three collages that depict the most characteristic parts of Copenhagen that almost appear as separate cities within the city. Created by Daim Yoon, Mette Lyckegaard and Marcin Ignac, the trio used the pictures of the city as as a graphical landscape mosaic that represents the feel they have to them. The urban landscape of Copenhagen is flat and homogeneous so this more tangible side to it is shown in the chosen geometric that are all the same.

Republikken is also a city in the city and the people working there even call themselves inhabitants of Republikken. With the opening of the new wing in Republikken it has been brought out of the backyard and out in the city and these collages take a small representation of the cities in the city all the way into Republikken. The brief for the project was pretty open the only “instructions” the designers got was that “it would be great with some WOW” and  “it needs to be done in two weeks” so in order to spark the creativity the designers themselves put up some constraints like keeping the budget to a minimum, it should link the city and Republikken, there should be different layers to explore and it should be ambient light. The budget constraint made paper and attractive choice of material and expressing the concept through print and geometry’s was and interesting challenge

Programming environment Plask was used to dissect photos into pyramids which were then mounted on a grid frame. They used it for simulation, warping the photos, layouting the pages for print and making the laser cutter pattern. The piramids are stitched together using thread.

CityScape can be seen in the Republikken‘s new premises.

Daim Yoon |  Mette Lyckegaard | Marcin Ignac