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OpenSceneGraph and cefix [c++, iPad]


The following is a collection of work created by Stephan Huber working with OpenSceneGraph and lib called “cefix” he developed back in 2001 when he started working with c++ and there was no cinder or openframeworks at the time. The library sits on top of OpenSceneGraph and provides an app-interface similar to OpenFrameworks/Processing, 2D-inputwidgets, camera-input, a templated particle-system, font-rendering, and some more stuff and works on os x, win32 and ios.

Tom Hoghart and Stephan Huber made a port of OpenSceneGraph to the IOS-platform, and the video/app below is one of the tests Stephan made to check if the code is working correctly. Its basically a supershape which you can alter via some sliders, and interact via touch-gestures. Stephan still maintains a fork of the official osg-distribution at github as cmake (the build tool used by osg) has some problems generating project files for IOS/Xcode.

OpenSceneGraph is a high-performance 3d-scenegraph suitable for games, vis-sim, etc which sits on top of Open GL. It’s open source, cross-platform and very scalable. It currently works on Win, Mac, Linux, and even on Android and IOS. osg features a lot of image and 3d-data-plugins (OBJ, FBX, Collada to name a few).

In addition there also an OpenFrameworks addon, allowing you to integrate OpenFrameworks with OpenSceneGraph: github.com/stmh/ofxOpenSceneGraph

“Liquid Lights” includes 3D renderings of a video analysis of four music-videos created in 2009. Each frame of video is analysed and all of the bright areas of a frame materialize in a ring. The resulting 3-D objects were exported to Cinema 4D and then rendered. The complete picture can be found on Stephan’s Flickr account.

The following set of examples include Stephan testing kinect using libfreenect, OpenSceneGraph and cefix.

Some exploding tests (realtime). Made with OpenSceneGraph and cefix.

Early tests doing DOF (depth-of-field) renderings of textfields in OpenSceneGraph and cefix. Stephan is using a TextureArray of different preblurred font-textures and a shader which blends the two nearest textures.

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