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Polycode [c++, Framework]


Designed and developed by Ivan Safrin, Polycode is a new free, open-source, cross-platform framework for creative code. You can use it as a C++ API or as a standalone scripting language to get easy and simple access to accelerated 2D and 3D graphics, hardware shaders, sound and network programming, physics engines and more.

On top of the core C++ API, Polycode offers a Lua-based scripting system with its own set of compilation tools. The Lua API mirrors the C++ API and can be used to easily create prototypes and even publish complete applications to multiple platforms without compiling C++.

Polycode is made possible by LuaFreetypelibpngPhysicsFSJSONCpp,tinyxmlOgg VorbisBox2DBullet Physics and many people and projects which inspired the effort.

More information at polycode.org and github. For full list of features see here.

For more tools, see our new tools page.

The color of space by Ivan Safrin using Polycode.

One idea is to use color as a simple, abstract representation of the personal perception of geographical location. My original plan was to map New York City in such a manner, but collecting this kind of information locally seemed like an insurmountable task, so the data was collected via the internet for the entire country using a google form posted to reddit.com, with zip codes serving as geographical anchors to place data into context.

“MNDR – Cut Me Out” Music video.

Official music for MNDR’s Cut me out directed by Timothy Saccenti. Polycode and the Polycode Kinect module were used to capture and render live 3D data from a Microsoft Kinect device for this music video.