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    reasons_to_be_creative_03 copy

09/08/2012 / Events

Reasons to be Creative – Brighton, 3-5 September

    Flash on the Beach is back again this year but with a new name and a whole bunch ...
    ©Andy_Paradise_Little_Sun copy

07/08/2012 / Events, Javascript, Three Js, WebApp

Little Sun by Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen

    Photograph: Andy Paradise, 2012 From 28 July – 23 September 2012 Tate Modern in London is the home to "Little ...
    Zef&Santo and Keith Fullerton Whitman – MUTEK 2012

20/07/2012 / Events, Other, Review

Zef & Santo – 3D Real-Time Performance, Workflow and Collaboration

    Even when judged against its usual high standards, MUTEK 2012 was a stellar year for AV performance. In ...

Quadrotors at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase 2012 by MLF – Details

    Now in its 22nd year, the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase hit Cannes again, unveiling another presentation ...
    evil eye 08 copy

27/06/2012 / Events, Featured, Other, Sound

The Evil Eye – Optical audio record by Indianen

    The Evil Eye project is the result of a residency by Belgium collective Indianen at the Frans Masereel ...

27/06/2012 / Events, Review

Eyeo 2012 – Afterthoughts and asides

    Eyeo, eyeo, eyeo – well, where to begin? At the best of times providing an overarching review of ...
    web_TOWT_space_capsule__film_set_detail2 copy

19/06/2012 / Environment, Events

The One-Way Ticket – Voyage into deep space with no return – DI RCA 2012

    First in the series of projects to be featured on CAN from the current Royal College of Art ...

14/06/2012 / Events, Featured, Review

Just another day at the lab: MUTEK A/Visions 2012

    photo: unknown8bit For the last 13 years the end of May has signalled a global convergence of electronic music ...
    the_immortal-2 copy

21/05/2012 / Events, Other

The Immortal – Life-support machines modified to ‘breathe’ in a closed circuit

    A number of life-support machines are connected to each other, circulating liquids and air in attempt to mimic ...
    openGDNM2012 copy

11/05/2012 / CAN Events, Events

Open GDNM 2012 London + Special discount code for CAN readers

    Open GDNM 2012 is both an exhibition and a micro-conference in London. A three day event featuring the ...

06/05/2012 / Events, Objects, Other

The R18 Ultra Chair – Custom chair geometry from crowd-sourced data

    Last week in Milan visitors were invited to sit in a chair designed by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram for Audi. The R18 ...
    data.anatomy [civic]_01 copy

23/04/2012 / Events, MaxMSP

data.anatomy [civic] by Ryoji Ikeda – Berlin – 19 April – 1st May

    data.anatomy [civic] is a new audiovisual installation by Ryoji Ikeda, arising from a unique collaboration with Mitsuru Kariya, the ...
    TELLART copy

23/04/2012 / Events, openFrameworks

RGB+Depth Workshop with James George and Alexander Porter – Barcelona, Spain / 28th April

    photo by TELLART In case you missed Resonate festival and live in Barcelona this is your opportunity to participate at ...
    anbbcopy copy

Resonate – Platform for Art and Technology

    Last day in Belgrade in January 2011 and I receive a call from Maria and Jelena to quickly meet and ...
    processing_workshop01 copy

20/03/2012 / Events, Processing

Processing Paris – Workshops with Andreas Gysin, v3ga and Marius Watz

    Processing Paris is a series of workshops for artists and designers who wish to learn, develop and share ...

04/03/2012 / Events, Objects, Sound

Zimoun: Volume – 294 prepared dc-motors, cork balls and cardboard boxes

    Zimoun's kinetic sound installations hardly need introduction. Ever since the immaculate documentation of his work first surfaced a ...
    desireofcodes02 copy

15/02/2012 / Events, Other

Seiko Mikami “Desire of Codes” – YCAM

    This installation by Seiko Mikami, consisting of three parts, is currently set up in YCAM - Yamaguchi Center for Arts ...
    02 copy

EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL [vvvv, Events, Environment, Inspiration]

    Last year, onedotzero approached Joanie Lemercier of AntiVJ to be part of one of their event, a festival they ...

Resonate [Events]

    We are happy to announce that after months of hard work, and even more to come, Resonate Festival ...
    redshift00 copy

01/12/2011 / Events, Windows – Nokia [Windows Mobile, Events]

    Last Saturday, Nokia and Wieden & Kennedy  launched at the onedotzero_adventures in motion festival at London’s BFI. ...
    lostinlace00 copy

17/11/2011 / Events, iOS, openFrameworks

Lost in Lace [iPhone, openFrameworks, Events]

    Lost in Lace is the name of new exhibition at the Gas Hall, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. ...
    ca-01 copy

16/11/2011 / Events

Kikk Festival [Events]

    As a recurrent international digital festival, KIKK explores the economical and artistic implications of new technologies, considering that ...
    UVA_onedotzeroPressMaster_email copy

07/11/2011 / CAN Events, Events, Featured

onedotzero: 23–27 November, BFI London [Events]

    Photographed by James Medcraft This november onedotzero will once again take over British Film Institute (BFI) and showcase the diverse ...
    beyond01 copy

17/10/2011 / Events

Beyond Tellerrand [Events]

    Our dear friends at beyond tellerrand have just given us a tip that there is only 2 weeks ...

09/10/2011 / Events, Games

games++ [Games, Events]

    Organized by Alex Myers and Jeff Thompson games++ is a 12-hour game development event where participants build games from scratch in a defined ...
    CA2_tshirt_template copy

04/10/2011 / Events, News

CAN Fundraiser + New T-Shirt + Free Apps [News]

    Since it's launch in 2008, CreativeApplications.Net has become a prime source for latest in new creative software and ...

13/09/2011 / Events

Art && Code [Events]

    From October 21-23, the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University will conduct the third episode in ...

29/08/2011 / Events

GLI.TC/H 2011 [Events]

    After 5 successful days of glitchy art, hacking/coding workshops, discussions, screenings, lectures and audio/video performances in Chicago in 2010,  GLI.TC/H is ...
    fotb01 copy

26/08/2011 / Events

Flash on the Beach [Events]

    FOTB is approaching fast and in little over 2 weeks from today you'll get to see some truly inspiring people on the ...

16/08/2011 / CAN Events, Events

Alpha-ville Festival [Events]

    'Cell', Initial concept design by James Alliban and Keiichi Matsuda. Photograph by Ghaasan Daghestani “The idea that digital is ...
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