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Venus & Jesus [Flash, openFrameworks]

Posted on the rhizomatiks blog few days ago is the latest project by the team including a prototype flash application to visualise video in three dimensions with a number of parameters that can be modified in real time. The application was designed for the new music video of  japanese artist Yakushimaru Etsuko called Venus & […]


NodalGenesis [Flash]

Created by Bernat Fortet Unanue from Barcelona, Nodal genesis is a constructive music generative flash piece where your task is to create nodes by following the mood of the music generated by their position. As the nodes output more intensity the music becomes more intense. NodalGenesis is the first version of Bernat’s Digital Design Degree Final Project […]


SoBe ReSkin [Flash]

SoBe ReSkin in an installation created for SXSW Interactive this year, utilising Flash to provide the public with an opportunity to “Virtually reskin yourself, then fool your friends”. Few words from Dofl Y.H. Yun, Lead Developer on the project: This project has couple of special meaning to me. Fist of all, I moved to NYC […]


Audiotool [Flash, Sound, WebApp]

Audiotool is a fantastic example of why Adobe Flash is still relevant in a world where many web developers are calling for it’s early demise. is a fairly complete electronic music studio in web app form. It’s something that would have been impossible just a couple of Flash versions ago, but since Adobe added […]


Digging in the Crates [Flash, Sound]

Digging in the Crates is an interactive installation by Roland Loesslein which attempts to explore Sampling as a production technology of modern music. Dynamic music data is navigated using modified turntables with information graphics helping understand the complex relationships that exist between the sample and composition. Besides the history of sampling or technical backgrounds of […]


Deluxx Fluxx [Flash, Events]

Faile and Bast have just finished their Deluxx Fluxx website, a project which included custom built video game arcades now on show in London’s Lazarides gallery. Included on the site are flash games as seen on the consoles created by Adapted and The Studio for Interactive Media. In addition, the site also includes two awesome screensavers, […]


BigAssMessage [WebApp, Flash]

This is truly one awesome messaging service created by Protein’s boy Bjorn. The idea is simple, write text, choose style and save with the link to post to your friends. Big, bold, just the way we love it. Inspired by Barbara Kruger. (sorry about the language below but sh*t and cr*p seem to work best =]) […]