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11/09/2009 / Flash

Voted FWA site of the week, Concave Stream's promo flash site for their latest instrumental album “Soundtrack for a Book” creates dot based 3d landscapes from book covers. It appears to simultaneously respond to music playing altering landscape topology. You can ...

03/09/2009 / Flash, Games, WebApp

Q-BLOCK by Okuyama Kazuya is a webapp that allows you to create pixelart objects in 3d. Amongst many options, you can draw objects in 2d first and then extrude, change the background, pixel colour and even send custom size images you ...

31/08/2009 / Flash

Commentry is an interactive 3d visualization of comments on a popular digg story. Created by Manuel Tan from the flash application visualizes Digg's rating system combined with word counts allows us to see the status as well as health of a ...

19/08/2009 / Flash

Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab. It uses sophisticated natural language processing to create a data portrait of one's aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you ...

19/08/2009 / Flash

Coordy is a light Actionscript 3 layout framework which offers a simple way to organize DisplayObjects into various different 2d and 3d layouts. The layouts are light, powerful and virtual organizers that simply manage x/y/z coordinates of DisplayObjects - meaning ...
    VN01 Oscillate

12/08/2009 / Flash, Mac, Windows

'Oscillate' is a screensaver created by Ben Stevens now available in both Mac and PC versions. A conceptual version of the traditional clock, 'Oscillate' is an animated graphic representation of a standard clock where each line represents a quarter, pulsing in quick succession to reveal the time. The ...

11/08/2009 / Flash, Scripts

Keith has just posted this UI components library for Flex/FlashBuilder on his BIT-101 blog. Minimal design, clean look, and whilst still in development should make implementation as easy as drag and drop. As far as code generation, it just generates a ...

07/08/2009 / Flash

Joy Division's iconic album cover for Unknown Pleasures by Peter Saville comes alive thanks to the very talented Mr Doob: Joy Division LP Cover Animated The code is available for download here, if you want to use it yourself. See also Configurator [Processing] via Boing ...

27/07/2009 / Flash

reMap by displays the multitude of visualization projects featured on The interactive flash navigation that shows relations among the individual projects by common tags in the form of large and smaller thumbnails. As you select the project to read ...

27/03/2009 / Flash


25/03/2009 / Flash


01/02/2009 / Flash

Ze Frank has created this wonderful little flash app that allows you to create drawings using only your voice. Load the player, enable you mic and  low volume curves counterclockwise, medium volume is straight, high volume curves clockwise, pretty tough to ...

25/01/2009 / Flash, iPhone

Takayuki Fukatsu has just released a free Windows and Mac OS X app called QuadAnimator, built in Flash, that can turn your multi-shots created using QuadCamera in to animated GIF's. We have reviewed QuadCamera few days ago and found it a perfect ...

15/01/2009 / Flash

A project done in collaboration with google in the form of a series of data visualization concepts. The sketches below are are all based around a concept of aggregating and visualizing online media buzz across various social media outlets. Working in ...

29/12/2008 / Flash, Games

Auditorium is a flash based musical game where using the flow of audio visual particles you create create sound or to be more exact, a composition. The goal of Auditorium is to guide your particle flow into the various audio containers. As ...

13/11/2008 / Environment, Flash, MaxMSP

Open Tables is a software application and a spatial environment, which researches and facilitates collaborative working between individuals and groups. Built using MaxMSP (physical interfaces) and Ruby on Rails (WebApp) the software behaves like a news aggregator of articles related ...

12/11/2008 / Flash

Pictobrowser is what some may refer to as a 'better' flickr slideshow player for your site. Whilst flickr slideshow may offer some basic, quite limited functionality, Pictobrowser is a highly customizable player you can embed to best suit your images and your website's design. You ...

25/10/2008 / Flash

Blow Up is a flash application that allows you to view your Flickr photos in a whole new way. Simply enter your (or any) flickr username into the box below to view public photo albums. Your photos load full screen, giving ...

06/10/2008 / Flash, WebApp

The Knowledge Atlas is an interface prototype for the exploration of knowledge resources being designed and developed by Marco Quaggiotto at the Politecnico di Milano. The project takes advantage of the experience developed by cartography in the representation of complex and open ...
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