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…™ [iPhone, Games] – Preview

Just got a word from Mills at ustwo™ on their new 48hr app, the third in the series “…™” (dotdotdot). Although it’s a little hard to tell what the task may be this time, it nevertheless appears another exciting mini-app-adventure from ustwo™. If you haven’t seen the previous two videos, you can check them out here. […]


VVVVVV [Games, Flash]

The long awaited VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh (distractionware) is finally complete and available for download. I have been following the game development for some time now and although have not had a chance to immerse myself just yet I eagerly await for some of that “free time” I desperately yearn for. In a nutshell, VVVVVV […]


This is Infinity [Games, Windows]

New submission to the Experimental Gameplay Project (‘Art Game’ theme) is the new game by Cactus titled This is Infinity. The game is 3d first person glitch like experience “meant to put you in a state of confusion, where you feel lost and alienated from the world you enter. You have to explore your own […]


Every Day the Same Dream [Flash, Games]

Made in less than a week and submitted to Experimental Game Project Art + Game theme, Every Day the Same Dream is a game by Pittsburgh based Paolo Pedercini. From the Artist “Every day the same dream” is a slightly existential riff on the theme of alienation and refusal of labor. The idea was to charge the […]


Pulsus [Flash, Games]

Created by Anthony Mattox, Pulsus is a flash game in which players must solve puzzles by arranging objects in order to move particles from an emitter into goal points. The game is in part about solving puzzles, but also about exploring and understanding a dynamic, engaging, system. The goal of the project was to create […]


All Fridges Are Psychotic [iPhone, Games]

A homage to classic point & click adventures such as Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle etc, “All Fridges Are Psychotic” is a new point & click adventure from the UK based Flag Hippo studio. Julius Brown wants to be a pirate in the movie business. Having finished his very first script, he wants […]


IsoWords [iPhone, Games]

IsoWords a word search game for iPhone and iPod touch wrapped onto a three dimensional cube. Find as many English words as you can in the 3x3x3 cube in the allotted time to rack up points. The only catch is that the third time a letter is used, its cube is removed and the letters […]


The Font Game [iPhone, Games]

From I Love Typography comes the new Font Game for iPhone & iPod Touch. Think you know your Arial from your Helvetica, your sans from your sans serifs? With three levels of game play from the ease-yourself-in, ‘Somewhat Difficult’ through to the incredibly challenging ‘Exceedingly Difficult’, there should be lots of fun for novices and […]


VernX [iPhone, Games]

VernX is an action puzzle game built using a custom game engine that allows you to interact with up to two hundred and twenty moving objects on screen at any given time. The goal of the game is to guide 50 particles from start to finish while avoiding obstacles. There are many interactive elements to tinker […]


Chromixa [iPhone, Games]

Chromixa is a new and unique colour-blending puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The task is to arrange shapes of light to complete designed puzzles. Based on the colours found within white light; red, green and blue (RGB) combine to create new colours as shapes overlap. Like a jigsaw of light, your goal […]