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Emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology.

226 pages of conversation, research, opinion, analysis. Step into artists' studios and workshops to discover the faces, personalities, and processes behind important work. Learn more!

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16/04/2014 / HOLO

Out Now: HOLO 1 (CAN’s very own magazine)

    We are thrilled to announce that HOLO 1 is now shipping from our distribution hub in Berlin! After more ...

18/12/2013 / HOLO

HOLO 1: A first look

    226 pages, 34 contributors from 8 different countries, 12 months of blood, sweat and tears – the first ...

25/07/2013 / HOLO, News

Announcing: CAN Shop Launch – Pre-order HOLO!

    We are pleased to announce the launch of CreativeApplications.Net's Shop and the pre-order option of CAN's upcoming sister ...
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01/05/2013 / HOLO

HOLO – Almost there!

    In the wake of our latest (9th) Kickstarter campaign update – and the new 'magazine' space here on ...
    Cerveau Morille, CAN, Neuchâtel, 2012

12/12/2012 / Featured, HOLO

HOLO – Final days on Kickstarter – Digital Gifts and More!

    Over the last 4 weeks you've served us a potent cocktail of enthusiasm, affirmation and disbelief. Each morning ...

15/11/2012 / Advertorial, HOLO

What if CAN was a Magazine?

    What if CAN was a magazine? What kind of stories would we tell in a different medium? The web ...