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Carbon by Tabor Robak

Carbon [Mac, Windows]

Carbon is a piece of software for Mac and PC created by Tabor Robak that looks at the transition between the real and the virtual. While some true qualities of physicality are lost in digitization this is made up for by creating new ways to communicate and new opportunities to use material and scale expressively. […]


refreq [Sound, openFrameworks, Mac]

Created by Daniel Feles, refreq is a customisable music player. You can load music files into refreq, but also images (bitmaps, imgs, pngs). When you load a song, first the program analyzes the track, then it draws its frequency spectrum. After tracking, you can generate the spectral image / bitmap back into music. Likewise, if you load […]


Spunk [Sound, Mac]

Created by The Strange Agency, Spunk is granular synthesis using a particle system. The app that runs on OSX only for now allows you modify number of active particles, their lifetime, number, gravity and mass. You can also adjust the container size, the invisible box within which particles react. See movie below. The app is […]


RibbonPaint [Cinder, Mac]

Created by Mario Gonzalez and currently in development, RibbonPaint is a drawing application for OSX. Instead of resorting to traditional brushes, RibbonPaint uses a ribbon like shape, always deforming as a drawing element. As you move your cursor across the screen you are continuously deforming the ribbon (the brush), trails are left behind on mouse down. Different colour modes are also included although I thought […]


Shadow, Glare [Mac]

Devised by Erin Shirreff and programmed by Seth Erickson, Shadow, Glare is an exploration into how light might begin to change the nature of your “immaterial” computer desktop screen creating a subtle but effective illusion of passing light as you immerse into your daily work…. Shadow, Glare explores such experiential disruptions through a subtle visual intervention: Without […]


hello world [Mac, Windows, Flash]

Latest addition to the SCR Label is the beautiful visual art application created by qubibi (Kazumasa Teshigawara) that comes in the form of screensaver for Mac and Windows. Named hello world, this computer generated visual feast allows you to “enjoy the ever-changing, lasting process of creation and existence”. “You are born. You feed on, or excrete, others. […]