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18/02/2009 / Mac


08/02/2009 / Mac

Plainview is a full-screen web browser built using Cocoa and WebKit for Mac OSX. Perfect for presentations or websites or just fast, focused browsing without anything else getting in the way. Whilst it does not include tabs, multiple screens are available. By pressing ...

05/02/2009 / Mac

Andreas Müller aka hahakid has just released a final version Hana, a screensaver for Mac OSX. Previously seen in Lisbon's OFFF conference/exhibition, Hana is now available for download in the form of a screensaver. Started in 2007, Andreas has kept the progress of the ...

29/01/2009 / Games, Linux, Mac, Windows

British developer team UglyApps seem to have been cooking up all kinds of stuff at their little studio lately. This includes realtime shadows running on the iPhone as well as Pulse, a freeware game they've been working on over the past week ...

18/12/2008 / Mac, Windows

Released in 2003 and built using Director, Moodstats is an application that allows you to quickly record & rate how your day has been in six different categories. Using multi-colored graphs & statistics you can see how exactly your moods have been ...
Flickr is an interesting place. When we are all used to hanging out on our profile page or checking out our contacts' photos, the sheer amounts of images available on Flickr means that it is probably guaranteed that you may ...

08/12/2008 / iPhone, Mac, Windows

Cooliris is an application that transforms your browser into a cinematic way to discover the Web. Available for Mac, Windows (Beta) and the iPhone, it is a three dimensional visual browser of the content on the web. A large number of ...

27/11/2008 / Mac

There are times when watching your mac go to sleep can be very irritating. For example, you may be working beside your computer doing things non-computer related but when you want to see something your mac, your realise it has ...
"It only took 162 attempts, but Processing 1.0 is here!" is the title of yesterday's press release announcing that Processing 1.0 has been released. Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, ...

24/11/2008 / Mac, Windows

Do you find yourself occasionally lost in screen dimensions or do you just need a tool to measure how big things are on the screen? Do you find that the screen capturing on a Mac or PC is just not ...

22/11/2008 / Mac, WebApp, Windows

Wakoopa is an online service that offers ability to track your app usage, share it and get updates from your friends about the apps they use. This is done by the little piece of software that sits on your computer, ...

15/11/2008 / iPhone, Linux, Mac, WebApp, Windows

Recent release of the native RememberTheMilk [RTM] app for the iPhone has set new heights for GTD apps on mobile platforms. The app (iTunes Link) is fast, clever, intuitive and extremely well designed (review on TUAW). Here we bring you 10 ...

14/11/2008 / Linux, Mac

Boxee is a media center software for your Mac or Linux machine. Based on the xbmc (XBox Media Center) open-source project, boxee was developed to be a “social” media center program that plays media from your home network and the internet. In ...

29/10/2008 / Mac, Sound, Windows

Forester is a sound/composition generator visualized using Tree analogy. Built using MaxMSP, Forester allows you to load a number of samples and navigate them as you would a forest to create sound composition. You start by selecting your samples/sounds, loading them into the app and ...

29/10/2008 / Linux, Mac, Windows

The Beta, tbeta for short, is a open source/cross-platform solution for computer vision and multi-touch sensing. It takes an video input stream and outputs tracking data and touch events that are used in building multi-touch applications. The app is available for ...

24/10/2008 / Mac

Do you find that no matter how hard you try your mac desktop always seems to get cluttered with dozens of icons, screengrabs, links, folders?  Instead of tolerating your messy desktop until you find time to clean up, why not just hide all the ...

17/10/2008 / Mac, WebApp

Fluid is an application that allows you to create your own .app (application in your applications folder) from any website. It works great on sites such as GoogleReader or GoogleMail, as well as MobileMe and many other. Fluid itself is a ...

14/10/2008 / Mac

At times Menu Bar and the Dock might get in the way of your wonderful presentation. Get rid of them using PresentYourApps. Using built-in functionality of Mac OS X, PresentYourApps lets you hide the Dock and menu bar for every Cocoa application ...

11/10/2008 / Games, Mac, WebApp, Windows

Launched in July 2006, Weewar is an award winning turn based strategy game. There are thousands of maps and scenarios to choose from, and since it is all happening in the browser Weewar can be played from anywhere. With regular balancing ...

08/10/2008 / iPhone, Mac, WebApp, Windows

I have been using Evernote for couple of months now and I have to say this is really one of the best note taking apps out there. This is not just because of the app but the fantastic integration with mobile devices, ...
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